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We are in love with Alicia Souza’s book of love!

An artistic (and mushy) ode to all the little moments that she shares with her husband George, Allcia Souza has given us the literary #couplegoals we have been waiting for.

We are looking at (read: squealing about) some of our favourite moments from the book that made us go weak in the knees!


George’s Closeted Romantic Tendencies


Alicia Souza wants you to believe it! And she has put this on paper now. George is a closeted romantic and loves the little kisses as much as our illustrator. We are especially fond of the kisses in the study room.


All the Reasons Alicia Loves George

We have a soft spot for love declarations (couldn’t you tell?). And this one is one of the best we have read – and we have read many! We also highly approve of George and Alicia’s shared love of food.

Secret-Sharing with the Dog

We always love some cuddles with the dog. And they are the best secret-keepers. AND we are absolutely in love with Alicia’s furry child!

Family Portrait

Do we need to say more? They are a family! (We are not crying, just got the sniffles.)

Cure for the Bad Days

As we said before, we love our hugs and cuddles too. This one had to be on the list!

What Makes a Strong Marriage (Featuring: Husbands’ Blind Spots)

We all want to know the secret behind their happy marriage – and Alicia Souza gives it to us! (Is anyone else sobbing over Alicia falling in love with George every day? Just us? Okay.)

Morning Routine



We didn’t know we had a capacity to feel THIS mushy! Dearest George has us scrambling to proclaim our love to everybody in our lives!

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