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Eleven Different Ways to Love

People have been telling their love stories for thousands of years. It is the greatest common human experience. And yet, love stories coach us to believe that love is selective, somehow, that it can be boxed in and easily defined. Eleven Ways to Love, is a collection of eleven remarkable essays that widen the frame of reference: transgender romance; body image issues; race relations; disability; polyamory; class differences; queer love; long distance; caste; loneliness; the single life; the bad boy syndrome . . . and so much more.
Let’s have a look at 11 different ways to love from this book.
A Letter to My Lover(s) by Dhrubo JyotiThe Shade of You by Anushree MajumdarSize Matters by SangeetaA Cross-Section of My Bad Boyfriends by Meenakshi Reddy MadhavanWhen New York Was Cold and I Was Lonely by Maroosha MuzaffarThe One but Not the Only by DThe Aristoprats by Shrayana BhattacharyaWhere Are My Lesbians? by SreshthaThe Other Side of Loneliness by Preeti VanganiI Am Blind, so Is Love! by Nidhi GoyalThe Smartphone Freed Me: Dating as a Trans Woman by Nadika Nadja

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