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Exploring 3 Cases solved by one of Mumbai’s Finest Policeman

Me against the Mumbai Underworld is the story of Isaque Bagwan, three-time recipient of the President’s Police Medal for Gallantry and a small-town boy who pursued his big-city dreams and ambitions as an upright police officer. As per Mumbai Police records, he is the first officer from the force to have killed a criminal in an encounter.
His life, which has captured the imagination of many writers and filmmakers, is presented here with all its gut-wrenching details.
Here are 3 cases that validate the fact that Isaque Bagwan is one of Mumbai’s finest policeman till date.
Bahraini Footballer’s Murder Case
 It was December 1977. Somebody has been stabbed in front of the Air India building and was lying on the road in a critical condition. When Isaque Bagwan reached the Air India building, a body of a fair-skinned youth was lying on the footpath in a pool of blood. His body had multiple stab wounds.

The One Officer who arrested four criminals alone
 One night, a woman on Walton road was shouting, “Chor!”. On reaching the building, Bagwan spotted three to four people descending the staircase. One of them seemed to have a parcel in his hand. When Isaque got closer, one of them lunged at him with a kitchen knife but Isaque managed to deflect the blow. This frightened the gang.

Those five critical minutes
 It was around 10:00 AM when Isaque Bagwan heard a message crackling n the police wireless system. A man had attacked a person with a chopper at the INS quarters in Colaba. Bagwan reached the INS quarters in under 5 minutes and saw a man running down the stairs.
‘Open the bag!’ shouted Bagwan. The man knew it was over. The bag contained blood-soaked clothes and a bloodstained chopper. Thirty-four-year old Devi Singh Thakur was a cook, who had quarreled with Priti Singh. In a fit of rage, Devi Singh attacked him with a chopper and killed him.

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