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Facts on the Formative Years of the Most Powerful Corporation in the History of the World

The East India Company controlled half of the world’s trade and deployed a vast network of political influencers at home and abroad. Yet the story of the Company’s beginnings in its formative years remains largely untold.
In A Business of State, Rupali Mishra offers critical insights into the rise of the early modern English state and the expansion and development of its nascent empire.
Here are some interesting facts about the Company’s inception, the way it maintained secrecy and access to information and how it managed its reputation in its initial years:
The formation

Secrecy and Access


Drawing on a host of overlooked and underutilized sources, Rupali Mishra’s account of the East India Company reconstructs the inner life of the Company, laying bare the era’s fierce struggles to define the difference between public and private interests and the use and abuse of power. Available Now.
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