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February Books That Feel Like a Big Hug!

Get ready for a fun ride with this February’s newly released children’s books! From island adventures to learning about languages, These stories promise joy for every young reader.
Grab a book, and let the fun begin!

Ostrich Girl
Ostrich Girl || Lesley D. Biswas

A visitor mistakes Ritu’s bird call for an ostrich’s and wants to see the bird.
But there are no ostriches on Henry Island! where will Ritu find one to show him?


10 Indian Languages and How They Came to Be (10s Series)
10 Indian Languages and How They Came to Be (10s Series) || Karthik Venkatesh

This book talks about ten Indian languages—of the thousand-odd languages spoken in India—and their evolution, transformation and development. These languages are:


Karthik Venkatesh traces the long and varied journeys of these languages through time, examining the cultural shifts and political and social influences that have shaped them. He provides a glimpse of their literature, tracks the growth of their scripts and identifies landmark moments that have preserved and reinvented these ten Indian languages.


Under the Bakul Tree
Under the Bakul Tree || Mrinal Kalita

When Ashim, the bright, cheerful class topper and the ‘jewel’ of Mahendra master, suddenly drops out of school, everyone is surprised. His classmate and academic rival, Nirmal, is deeply troubled by Ashim’s behaviour and decides to investigate.

As Nirmal discovers more about Ashim’s circumstances, a friendship as pure as the bakul flower blooms that stands its ground against the harsh realities of growing up in rural Assam.

A heartwarming coming-of-age tale, the book celebrates friendship, hope and determination as it unravels the devastating effects of poverty and of an education system that has failed the ones who need it the most—the misfits and outcasts.

Translated for the first time from the Assamese, Under the Bakul Tree is one of the finest young adult novels from India and is an invaluable addition to India’s rich literary landscape.


What Happened to Grandpa
What Happened to Grandpa || Nandini Nayar

Something strange is happening to Grandpa. Words and names are slipping away, and favourite faces and places are becoming distant memories.

As Grandpa’s family seems to be losing him, it is up to Neha to remind them about the things he stood for. She shares his adventures and spins his stories, but will that help them remember Grandpa and celebrate him?

In this heartwarming picture book about love, loss, and remembering, discover the priceless bond we have with grandparents and how their memories live on.

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