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We’re about to publish the biography of the maverick businessman Gautam Adani soon!

We’re happy to announce the acquisition of the biography of Adani Group Chairman & Founder, Gautam Adani. Titled: Gautam Adani: The Man Who Changed India, this rare life story of one of the richest men in the world is being written by one of India’s most revered business journalists, RN Bhaskar, who has long followed Gautam Adani’s career. The book is scheduled to release in October from the Penguin Business imprint.


To the world, Gautam Adani needs no introduction. He is at the helm of a business empire that is now India’s largest player in ports and renewable energy. He is also leading the country’s largest private sector player in sectors like airports, city gas distribution, power transmission, thermal power, edible oil, and railway lines. However, beyond these facts, there is startlingly little known about Gautam Adani, the maverick businessman. What fuels his motivations and vision? What are those episodes, minor and major, that propelled him to make the choices he did that in turn shaped the world we live in today? Were there challenges in his life and how did he deal with those?

Gautam Adani: The Man Who Changed India offers the readers, for the very first time, the aspects of Gautam Adani’s life that much of the world has not known but should know now. This book is more than a biography. It delves deep, detailing a range of fascinating anecdotes from Gautam Adani’s life, illuminating his early childhood, his initiation into business, and the learnings and opportunities he pursued. It talks about business, data, storytelling, and hard numbers, giving us the story of Gautam Adani that made him the Gautam Adani we know today, making it a one of kind insightful and inspirational read for industry experts, enthusiasts, and even young students and professionals.


RN Bhaskar, author of the book says, ‘I met Gautam Adani almost 18 years ago, while the Mundra Port was being built.  What I saw then, and what I learnt from my discussions with key Adani group people, was that this port could change the transshipment landscape for the Middle East and India.  It could reshape logistics, and even make Mundra the country’s first destination port. I gave talks in Dubai about how this man could change India’s trade patterns. I even wrote a cover story for a publication titled: the man who could change India”. Eighteen years later, I discovered that he actually has.’


Commenting on the book, Radhika Marwah, Senior Commissioning Editor, Ebury Publishing and Vintage, Penguin Random House India, says, ‘RN Bhaskar is one of the most respected journalists in the country with over three decades of experience behind him. We are proud to publish his second book after ‘Game India’ on Gautam Adani. Bhaskar has been covering Gautam Adani for a long time now, and presents a compelling business story and portrait of one of the most influential men in India right now.’


Milee Ashwarya, Publisher, Ebury Publishing and Vintage, Penguin Random House India, says, ‘Gautam Adani is one of India’s most successful first generation business leaders, and I believe there is no book that captures his story and phenomenal rise over the past decades in detail. I am delighted that R N Bhaskar has taken up the task to fill the gap, and use years of research, insight and analysis to tell the story of one of the most intriguing business leaders in the country today.’

About the author:

RN Bhaskar likes to describe himself as an educationist, teacher and journalist, with decades of experience in each of these sectors. He teaches at various management institutes in India and overseas and is on the Board of Studies at several educational institutions. Many of his articles can be found at He is also consulting editor with Free Press Journal. This is Bhaskar’s second book.  The first, titled “Game India: Seven strategies that could steer India to wealth” also had a few pages on Gautam Adani. He likes analysing economic trends, looks closely at corporate strategy, and believes that India has enormous potential provided the right policies are pursued by the government.  Most entrepreneurs fall by the wayside, and only the tenacious survive.  Gautam Adani is one of them.

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