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Get Job Ready with this quiz!

If you’re a young job aspirant and want to improve your employability skills, then Get Job Ready by Vasu Eda is a must-read for you.

However, before you go on this transformational journey, it is important to assess your current skills and identify the aspects you need to work on the most. Self-assessments can help you understand and articulate the environment and situations where you can leverage your strengths to thrive. 

Be it personality development, enhancing your value system, or analyzing your interests to ensure you work in a field you’re passionate about, being self-aware is key. 


Take this quiz to find out which skill you need to hone!


  1. Which of the following is the most important to you?

A) An impressionable personality

B) Your value system

C) Communicating with others


  1. Which of these are you intimidated by you?

A) Assertive people

B) Self-guided individuals

C) Articulate leaders


  1. Which of these do you wish to be better at?

A) First impressions

B) Defining what you stand for

C) Understanding others


  1. Which of these is the biggest hurdle for you?

A) Establishing your presence in a crowd

B) Articulating which values you want to integrate in your life

C) Connecting with people


    5.  If you could choose one superpower, which one would it be?

A) Better confidence

B) Better decision making

C) Better communication skills

Answer Key

If you chose:

Mostly As

You need to work on your personality development skills!


Mostly Bs

You need to work on your value system!


Mostly Cs

You need to work on your communication and articulation skills!


Ready to take the next step?

Get your copy of Get Job Ready by Vasu Eda to enhance your employability skills and land your dream job straight out of college!

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