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Gift your child some mindfulness!

Whether you’re an adult in a hectic work environment, or a child, mindfulness positively impacts the lives of all who practice it! Recent studies on mindfulness claim that incorporating this spiritual technique into your young ones’ life at an early stage will lead to great benefits later in their life.

The Mindfulness Picture Book (Box Set) || Trishla Jain

Trishla Jain’s The Mindfulness Picture Box Set  brings to life a beautiful conversation on living purposefully through four picture books, perfect for introducing modern spirituality to your young ones!

Here is why you should read the book and impart mindfulness in your and your children’s lives:

Helps you understand prayer and purpose

Sunrise, Moonrise introduces the different ways in which people all over our Earth pray and the positive purpose of prayer – a great way for children to become acquainted with the different cultures of the world and understand the art of prayer themselves!

Introduces spiritual techniques

In Om the Gnome and the Chanting Comb, readers are introduced to the age old practice of chanting ‘Om’ and meditating – a fun story on the benefits of meditation to feel lighter and freer within ourselves!

Reinforces self-importance and confidence

In Listen to the Whispers you are reminded that you are part of a vast universe of wonder and that universe is a part of you. It reminds us to never doubt our own importance in the world – as Trishla writes ‘You are so much more than you think you are’.

Reminds us to be thankful and grateful

In Tankful of Thankful, Baby Train’s journey around the world introduces the word ‘thank you’ in different languages – reminding us to give thanks for the small and big things! It introduces a beautiful conversation about living gratefully to your children!

The Mindfulness Picture Boxset explores the best of modern spirituality through beautiful illustrations and words to introduce mindfulness to the next generation. We think the boxset would make for a great bedside companion, don’t you?

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