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Golden tribute to the 1971 war heroes

In the midst of the humdrum of daily life, we forget that this December is possible because of all the Decembers that came before this one. How 50 years ago, our brave heroes fought a war and kept us safe.  So, today and forever, let’s not forget the people who form the spine of that flag. Let’s never forget the ones who leave their families to protect our borders, those who shed real blood from their bodies and who fight so bravely that they safeguard a nation of a billion people.

On the 50th anniversary of the Indo-Pak war, we bring to you four books to pay homage to the soldiers who fought that reality, the families they left behind and their stories of strength, resilience, and love for the country.



The Lone Wolf by Neha Dwiwedi
The Lone Wolf || Neha Dwiwedi


The Lone Wolf

The Untold Story of the Rescue of Sheikh Hasina

Neha Dwivedi

The Bangladesh Liberation War was nearing its bloody end when Colonel Ashok Tara, then a twenty-nine-year-old major, was assigned the task of rescuing Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s family which was being held hostage by the Pakistani Army. Ashok Tara, unarmed, entered the lion’s den, and negotiated with the hostile soldiers for the release of Bangladesh’s Father of the Nation and his family that included a young Sheikh Hasina. The Lone Wolf is Ashok Tara’s story, charting the course of his celebrated yet quiet life as a member of the armed forces.



The Burning Chaffees by B.S. Mehta
The Burning Chaffees || B.S. Mehta


The Burning Chaffees

A Soldier’s First-Hand Account of the 1971 War

Balram Singh Mehta

In 1971, India waged a momentous war against Pakistan. But before all-out war, an even more significant tank battle was fought on 21 November 1971 by the C Squadron 45 Cavalry, which demolished the Pakistani General A.A.K. Niazi’s plans of victory and set the stage for the utter routing of the Pakistani Army.

This battle was a victory and a decisive one at that. It was a trumpet call to the rest of the world of India’s intent to stand up for human liberty and dignity in this war of liberation.

On 3 December 1971, Pakistan declared war. The rest is history.

The Burning Chaffees is a thrilling account of the pivotal battle of 21 November by Brigadier B.S. Mehta.



1971 by Rachna Bisht Rawat
1971 || Rachna Bisht Rawat



Charge of the Gorkhas and Other Stories

Rachna Bisht Rawat

Why do the Gorkha soldiers of 4/5 GR attack a heavily defended enemy post with just naked khukris in their hands?

Does Pakistan find out the real identity of the young pilot who, after having ejected from a burning plane, calls himself Flt Lt Mansoor Ali Khan?

Why is a twenty-one-year-old Sikh paratrooper being taught to jump off a stool in a deserted hangar at Dum Dum airport with a Packet aircraft waiting nearby?


1971 is a deeply researched collection of true stories of extraordinary human grit and courage that shows you a side to war that few military histories do.



The Force Behind the Forces by Swapnil Pandey
The Force Behind the Forces by Swapnil Pandey


The Force Behind the Forces Stories of Brave Indian Army Wives

Swapnil Pandey

Who continues to pay the costs of war long after our soldiers are gone?

There are many stories of courageous heroes at the borders, but how much do we know about the women standing strong behind them?

The Force behind the Forces is a collection of seven true stories of eternal love, courage and sacrifice. Written by an army wife, Swapnil Pandey, this book proves that bullets and bombs can only pierce the bodies of our soldiers, for their stories will live on in the hearts of these brave women forever, women who have dedicated their lives to the nation, without even a uniform to call their own.



These books and stories shall always honour the lives of those who fought for a cause that meant more to them than their own lives and remind us of the blood that was spent for us, lest we forget the bodies who shed it.

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