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Helmets, flutes and an adventure of our own!

We are all set to witness an AWESOME FRIENDLY EPIC adventure that our AWESOME friend Greg Heffley has invited us on.

But first, we need to get to know our companions! Scroll down below to meet ROLAND THE KIND, who really, really wants an adventure of his own!


Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a boy named Roland. And Roland was a very good boy.
Back then school hadn’t been invented yet so most kids worked on their family farms all day.
But Roland’s parents thought it was important for their son to get an education and to learn to play an instrument. So he spent his days inside, reading books and practicing the flute.
Awesome Friendly Adventure || Jeff Kinney
Roland didn’t like practicing the flute very much but he never complained because he wanted to be a good son.
It was a dangerous time when ogres and giants roamed the land. So Roland’s parents liked him to stay indoors where it was safe, especially after dark.
Roland had never even been outside his village. He wished he could go on adventures like his grandpa Bampy the Brave who used to fight monsters and search for treasure.
But Bampy was never the same after he got back from his adventures. And Roland knew that was because Bampy didn’t always wear his helmet and he got hit on the head a few too many times.
Roland promised his parents that if he went on an adventure he’d ALWAYS wear a helmet and he’d make good choices. But they said he’d be much safer staying at home and practicing his flute.
So the only thing Roland could do was read stories about Bampy and imagine what it would be like to have adventures of his OWN.


Will Roland the Kind get to have an AWESOME ADVENTURE of his own?

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