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Here are 5 Things ‘My Value Collection’ offers

Nicky and Noni are just like you. They’re funny, they’re crazy-and like you, they love to have fun. But sometimes, just sometimes, they can be very naughty. That’s when they get into trouble.

Author Sonia Mehta’s series of books for children — My Book of Values, is all you need to make a preachy value education lesson fun for your child!


Here are 5 reasons why My Value Collection should be on your child’s reading list:


Like any kid, Nicky and Noni love to engage in fun. But as kids, they get into trouble too. Nicky and Noni know how to make learning good values cool.


Each book is packed with a fun story and lots of activities like memory games,mazes and songs!


Today’s child isn’t up to lectures and threats. This is the purpose of this series. It helps your child build a strong value system—all through relatable stories and fun activities.


Each book in the series focuses on a specific set of values and lessons like loyalty,forgiveness, good manners,helping others, valuing money and valuing time to name a few.


These books encourage the development of emotional intelligence in children at a young age.

Flip open Sonia Mehta’s My Value Collection and jump right into Nicky and Noni’s world!


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