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Here’s All You Need to Know, if a Job is on Your Mind!

Knowing what career path to take and searching for jobs can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack – overwhelming and seemingly impossible. But fear not, Chandan Deshkmukh seeks to help you navigate your career woes in his latest book, 7 Dream Jobs and How to Find Them. The book provides essential tips and guidance on how to figure out your true calling in life and how to get there once you have.

Chandan surmises that ‘In short, career planning is not narrowing down the possibilities but looking for more potential fields of interest which you can carefully consider before making an informed decision’

So if you are looking for a job, or even attempting to figure out what that job might be, here’s all you need to know

1)Know yourself

The first step to figuring out what you want to do, is knowing who you are, what you enjoy and how that translates into a job you would enjoy. Think about what you’ve done that feels less like work and more like a fulfilling activity that you could spend hours doing – it could be reading, playing a sport, making videos – and further research what jobs on the market correlate to and include working on the things you enjoy.

Begin with understanding yourself and the wide range of things you enjoy – a career path will follow

‘Knowing which field matches your personality and aptitude would be the first step toward your dream job’

2)Build a specific skill set

Once you have decided which career path or job appeals to you, it is time to understand what skills and/or qualifications the role typically requires. Understanding the criteria required for applying to certain positions can help you to focus on and hone those skills making you far more suitable for the job than if you have a wide range of general skills.

Employers are always looking for how a candidate can fulfil the needs of the role rather than having a wide range of experience that loosely fits the job requirement. So, start by understanding the role, what skills are sought out for it and then you can work on gaining experience and building that skill set in advance.

3)Presentation is everything

Oftentimes, the secret of landing a job lies in how you come across to the employer. Therefore, it is essential to work on a clear and concise resumé of your work experience and history, and keep it handy for applying to jobs. Further, being well prepared for interviews can make or break your application! Coming across well informed and confident to the employer can help seal the deal to getting your dream job. In 7 Dream Jobs and How to Find Them, Chandan Deshmukh provides the essential tips needed to create the perfect resumé and how to ace an interview.

4)Be open to change

Although figuring out what you want to do, and where you want your life to go is a daunting question and the decision feels final and set in stone, it is important to understand that it is not. Choosing a career path does not mean you cannot change your mind in the future.

Being adaptable to change and realising that you can always change your mind and follow a different path later down the line is important and prevents you from putting too much pressure on finding the one job that you see yourself doing forever – so many jobs you might find interesting may not even exist yet!

5)Take a leap of faith!

Finally, don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith in life to pursue what you want to do – even if it seems impossible now, faith and hard work go a long way. Work hard and smart at building a skill set and taking steps towards your end goal, start today and you are sure to get there one day.

7 Dreams Jobs and How to Find Them guides you through the various opportunities and challenges of any career, and most of all, how to find a job that gives you satisfaction. If jobs and how to find them have been on your mind, pick up a copy of the book today – it’ll be sure to help!

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