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Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Lungs – Handy Tips from 'The Asthma Cure'

Given the levels of pollution in many metropolitan cities and states in India, most of us are able to identify the impact on our lungs. But did you know that many a times the medicines and bronchodilators prescribed to asthmatics to temporarily relieve the symptoms actually weaken the lungs over a period of time?
Using authentic remedies and principles from Ayurveda and macrobiotics, The Asthma Cure is a step-by-step practical guide with natural remedies, easy-to-follow wholesome recipes and daily food plans to help a person heal bronchial asthma, wheezing and other lung-related conditions naturally.
Listed below are a few quick home remedies and tips to strengthen your lungs:

Asthma is a curable disease. This is the primary reason Tarika Ahuja chose to write The Asthma Cure  and she hopes to work as an asthma revolutionary through workshops and awareness campaigns in order to break the myth that it is incurable.

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