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With summer kicking in in full gear, it is the perfect time to indulge in the pleasure of reading. Whether you are lounging on the beach, sipping an icy drink in a cafe, going on a road trip, or simply unwinding on a lazy weekend, our June releases are here to keep you company through the summer. So, whether or not you have your summer body ready, your summer BUDDY is ready to go! Browse our hottest June new releases now:

Welcome to Aarampur by Dhruv Nath

Welcome to Aarampur
Welcome to Aarampur||Dhruv Nath

Welcome to life in the sleepy little hill town of Aaraampur where you will meet Kaptaan Sahib who got his name because he ‘almost’ got into the Army. And the Pahalwaan Nai a wrestler who used his skill of pulling out the hair of his opponents to become a barber. And of course, Chetu the painter who specialized in making the walls of his customers’ homes appear patchier than earlier. You will visit the classy Aaraampur Club which would put the lesser-known Delhi Gymkhana Club to shame. You will also figure out why Aaraampur Cabs-that famous startup-was never available between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Not to forget the famous engineering college of Aaraampur popularly known as ‘The PITS’. Sit back and enjoy this charming and amusing book which will momentarily transport you far from the din of everyday life to a slower more agreeable rhythm.

I’m A Climate Optimits By Aakash Ranison

I'm a Climate Optimist
I’m a Climate Optimist||Aakash Ranison

Whenever climate change as a topic pops up in a conversation, someone ends the conversation with ‘What can I do about it?’ I’m A Climate Optimist is the answer to those all, what can I dos. Covering all the aspects of day-to-day life like food, textile, transportation, tourism, beauty, home, education, business, etc along with Industry specific expert comments. Get hold of this June release to learn the art of making our planet more liveable and sustainable.


Icelight by Ranjit Hoskote

Icelight || Ranjit Hoskote

Ranjit Hoskote’s eighth collection of poetry enacts the experience of standing at the edge of life, a landscape, a world assuming new contours of going up in flames. Yet the protagonists of these poems also stand at the edge of epiphany. Icelight transits between audacious exploration and contemplative retreat, doubt and belief, melancholia and momentum. This is a book about transitions and departures, eloquent in its acceptance of transcience in the face of mortality.


Madam President By Sandeep Sahu

Madam President
Madam President || Sandeep Sahu

Madam President is the first-ever comprehensive and authentic biography of Droupadi Murmu, the fifteenth President of India, by senior journalist Sandeep Sahu. Murmu’s long and eventful political journey is a story of true perseverance and inspiration. Having battled early years of struggle in securing quality education, being struck by a series of personal tragedies such as the loss of her husband and two sons in quick succession, and suffering electoral victories and losses, Murmu has risen through her circumstances with grace, fortitude, and resilience that make her the well-revered leader she is today.

In this stellar biography, Murmu’s historic feat as the first Indian President from the tribal community, her phenomenal rise as an earnest and ambitious young woman, who would, with dedication and rigour, go on to become the most powerful woman in the country, presents a fascinating study of democratic empowerment in India.


India’s Secret War by Ushinor Majumdar

India's Secret War
India’s Secret War || Ushinor Majumdar

Triggered by the US-backed Pakistani junta’s brutal measures against the Bengalis, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman proclaimed the independence of East Pakistan on 26 March 1971. They needed the world’s support, and India was their first ally. The Border Security Force (BSF), an elite Indian force, was only five years old at the time and became central to India’s sustained military response in East Pakistan for nine months until the alliance of Indian and Bangladeshi forces won Dacca. The BSF’s founding chief, K.F. Rustamji, and his men went beyond their charter of policing borders to respond to one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises that was unfolding right next door to India.

With access to classified records and through exhaustive interviews with surviving veterans, award-winning investigative reporter Ushinor Majumdar has crafted this first comprehensive historical account of the BSF’s role in the Bangladesh liberation war, which changed the course of South Asian history.


Feeling Kerala By J Devika

Feeling Kerala
Feeling Kerala || J Devika

The living, pulsating, and ever-changing entity that is Kerala is best represented by its astute, critical, and deeply insightful writers of the Malayalam short story, and in Feeling Kerala, a selection of some of the best and sharpest narratives from the region is now translated and curated for English readers to love and cherish.
While staying true to its literary form, these stories provide a tour into the heart and soul of contemporary Kerala and aim at getting past the twentieth-century characterizations of the state, say, as defined by communist egalitarian spirit or matrilineal families. After all, Kerala is unique in more ways than one, thanks to the heightened experience of migration and transnationalism, among other things.

Impactful Data Visualization by Kavita Ranganathan

Impactful Data Visualization
Impactful Data Visualization || Kavita Ranganathan

Bringing her clear classroom-teaching style, which has helped hundreds of data wranglers, to this book, Kavita Ranganathan walks you through the myriad ways that graphs can mislead, helping to spot visualization traps and prevent misinterpretations. She illustrates core design principles for creating truthful and effective data visualizations, assisting you to master the art and science behind creating impactful and accurate graphs. Packed with examples to clearly explain the dos and don’ts of data visualization and backed by empirical research, this book will transform the way you create and analyse graphs and charts.


Office Secrets by Harish Bhatt

Office Secrets
Office Secrets || Harish Bhatt

In the book, The Office Secrets, Harish Bhatt offers a selection of fascinating and useful secrets that can help you be far more successful at your workplace. As a bonus, they can make you happier as well. You will find within a range of subjects-whether the best methods of fighting exhaustion, organizing your work desk, the power of listening, why kindness is so important, workplace lessons from Hercule Poirot, and what you can learn from the cookies that your colleagues eat.

Harish Bhat wields his pen with his signature insight to delight, inspire, provoke, and change the way you see offices forever.


The Art & Science Of Happiness by Swami Mukundanda

The Art and Science of Happiness
The Art and Science of Happiness|| Swami Mukundananda

Happiness is a beautiful feeling. It floods our hearts with gratitude and enriches us with the exuberance of life. Happiness is what makes living worthwhile. That is why we pursue it in all we do. Yet, despite our best efforts, it remains elusive. Why?
This is the puzzle we must solve in life. What is the secret of finding everlasting bliss? What is the art of experiencing joy that is immune to vicissitudes? And what is the science of achieving happiness that is not dependent on externals?
In The Art and Science of Happiness, internationally acclaimed authority on mind management, renowned saint and bestselling author Swami Mukundananda draws on the ancient wisdom of the scriptures and current scientific research to address these questions. He also explains strategies for happiness in relationships, at work, and in the face of adversity. By applying these concepts in your daily life, you can be happy everywhere and at all times.


The Perfect Way by Osho

The Perfect Way
The Perfect Way || Osho

In The Perfect Way, Osho answers fundamental questions about what meditation is and how we can begin and sustain it in our lives. He does this with precision, thoroughness, humour, and compassion. Here is someone who knows, but who also knows how to convey what he knows. His genius in full flight, he points us as far as one can with words towards the inner world of the self, towards the zone of silence.


The Bikshu’s Love by Nandini Vijayaraghavan

The Bikshu's Love
The Bikshu’s Love || Nandini Vijayaraghavan


After successfully fending off the Chalukya’s siege of Kanchi, the Pallava emperor Mahendra Varmar drives the enemy king, Pulikesi, to call for a truce. The statesman in Pallavar is keen to convert a foe into a friend, but a vengeful Pulikesi reneges on his commitment. While the Pallavas are successful in chasing the Chalukyas away, Pallava Nadu bears the brunt of Pulikesi’s wrath.

Fate wields its unpredictable hand further. A rash decision by the sculptor Aayanar and his daughter Sivakami results in her being abducted by the Chalukyas. Sivakami takes a momentous vow, little realizing how far-reaching the consequences will be.

The Bikshu’s Love, the action-packed third volume of Sivakami’s Vow, is unputdownable and sets the stage for the startling climax of this magnum opus in the fourth and final book in the series.


The Defiant Optimist by Durreen Shahnaz

The Defiant Optimist
The Defiant Optimist || Durreen Shahnaz

When she launched the world’s first stock exchange for social enterprises, Durreen Shahnaz started more than a new financial system; she sparked a movement. Defiant optimism-the stubborn belief that systems that enrich the few can be transformed for the good of the many-requires an indomitable spirit. In these pages, Shahnaz illuminates what investing in those excluded from networks of power and opportunity requires.

From growing up with constrained life chances to working as the first Bangladeshi woman on Wall Street to becoming a global leader in impact investing, Shahnaz takes us on a mesmerizing trek of innovation, compassion, and enterprise. Changing how systems work and who they work for-isn’t for the faint of heart. But The Defiant Optimist offers strategies for placing women, the underserved, and the planet at the heart of systems. Together we can locate the levers of power and pull them defiantly in a new direction.


Dreams of a Healthy India edited by Ritu Priya & Syeda Hameed

Dreams of a Healthy India
Dreams of a Healthy India || Edited by Ritu Priya, Syeda Hameed


Dreams of a Healthy India, the ninth volume in the Rethinking India series, is an attempt to demystify the issues of health care and health systems for the general reader and to simultaneously provoke rethinking on several critical dimensions through writings by policymakers and academics. Its introductory essay and the thirteen subsequent essays lay out the scenario as well as the challenges in this regard, and provide actionable solutions. These are solutions for the present times that can simultaneously contribute to sustainable health care for the future. Complex ideas are not made simplistic but are presented in simple language, with some illustrative case studies, vignettes, and data that speak for themselves.

Published in collaboration with the Samruddha Bharat Foundation, This volume suggests that an indigenously developed healthcare system, based on public-community partnerships, and respect for the plurality of needs, experiences, and knowledge, can generate such healthcare for every Indian.


Varavara Rao: A life In Poetry edited by N.Venugopal & Meena Kandasamy

Varavara Rao
Varavara Rao || Edited by N. Venugopal & Meena Kandasamy

Varavara Rao: A Life in Poetry is the first-ever collection in English of poems by the Telugu poet, selected and translated from sixteen books that he has published. Having begun to write poetry in his early teens, Varavara Rao, now in his early eighties, continues to be a doyen of Telugu modern poets. He was a consistent comrade-in-letters to all the social movements from the 1960s to the 2010s, and this volume is a capsule of momentous social history captured in his poetic imagination.


The Mistress Of Bhatia House by Sujata Massey

The Mistress of Bhatia House
The Mistress of Bhatia House || Sujata Massey

India, 1922: Perveen Mistry is the only female lawyer in Bombay, a city where child mortality is high, birth control is unavailable and very few women have ever seen a doctor. In The Mistress of Bhatia House, Perveen is seen as a symbol of perseverance and rebellion in a time when gender roles controlled one’s life. She is the sole female attorney in Bombay, and her very existence speaks volumes about her unflinching attitude. Perveen breaks the glass ceiling with unrelenting will as she fights the ingrained prejudice that surrounds her with each stride she takes.


Pugmarks And Carbon Foorprints by Rohan Chakravarty

Pugmarks and Carbon Footprints
Pugmarks and Carbon Footprints || Rohan Chakravarty

Pugmarks and Carbon Footprints is a collection of gag cartoons and comic strips based exclusively on wildlife and nature. Staying true to their theme, the cartoons and comics in the book will speak about wildlife, ecology, interesting trivia about the lives of wild animals, and how the lives of these creatures are entwined with ours. Other than providing some much-needed comic relief during environmental doomsday, the book will equip the reader with snippet-sized information about environmental issues in an easily palatable manner.

So, which book is going to be your next June read?

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