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Know About the Master Storyteller – Frederick Forsyth

The illustrious author Frederick Forsyth is back with yet another thriller The Fox. This exciting story, comes with a unique conception of the most dangerous weapon on Earth. This weapon, unlike what many would think, is not an ammunition or an abstruse piece of technology but a 17-year-old boy. A boy with an ingenious mind, adept at running rings at the most sophisticated security services around the globe, manipulating it and turning the weaponry against the superpowers themselves.
Forsyth weaves an incredible race-against-time thriller, where in the bid to seize this brilliant mind the author will take you across continents in order to contain this asset and stop him from getting into the wrong hands.
Here are a few facts about the man behind this riveting book:

The Fox is a race-against-time thriller across continents to find and capture, or protect and save, an asset with the means to change the balance of world power. Whatever happens he must not fall into the wrong hands

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