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Know More About The Maestro Neil MacGregor

Looking at the plethora of religions, faith, ideologies – which go beyond the life of an individual, Neil MacGregor in his book Living with the Gods offers central facts of human existence. The book is an exploration of the beliefs which makes up for the shared identities of people which defines them and also impacts the politics of the day. Talking about the stories which shape our lives, the position of different societies in the world and how these shared beliefs examine objects, places and human activities, public life of a community and also shaping the relationship between the individual and the state.
In studying these patterns, MacGregor says that in understanding how we live with our gods it decides how we live with each other too.
Here we give you a few interesting facts about the author of this riveting read:

Neil MacGregor’s new book, Living with the Gods traces how different societies have understood and articulated their place in the cosmic scheme.

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