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Know the Emergency in 10 Points

In 1977, two staff reporters – John Dayal and Ajoy Bose –  at the Patriot, occupied highly advantageous positions during the nineteen months of the Emergency to observe the turmoil wrought in the capital city of Delhi. In their book, For Reasons of State, they have supplied first-hand evidence of the ruthlessness with which people’s homes were torn down and the impossible resettlement schemes introduced.
From For Reasons of State come ten of some the starkest scenes of the Emergency:
The ‘Young Prince’

An aphorism for injustice

The ruins of a civilization

Dog Days are Over

Family Planning

La Femme Fatale

The creation of an ‘Indian Scarlet Pimpernel

  Rallying Rebellion

Trouble at Court

Is history repeating itself?


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