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Know the Environment Better with ‘The Green World’

Meet the Econuts -Dewy, Woosh, Petals, Pebbles and Waggy call themselves the Econuts because they’re simply nuts about ecology and the environment! Learn all about the many ways in which you can help save Planet Earth in this series of story-and-activity books, aimed at generating ecological awareness through a mix of fiction, puzzles, games, activities and more.

Here are some eye-opening facts from The Green World book series to help you understand the growing environmental issues!

The Mystery Of The Lost Waterfall (The Green World)


The Mystery Of The Nasty Grey Cloud (The Green World)


The Mystery Of The Weird Noise (The Green World)


The Mystery Of The Plastic Rings (The Green World)


The Mystery Of The Strange Paw Prints (The Green World)


Get ready for some exciting times with the Econuts!





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