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Lessons Life Taught Me, Unknowingly: 7 Inspiring Instances from Anupam Kher’s Life

In his autobiography Anupam Kher acknowledges the truths which set him on the path to success.

A good storyteller starts at the very beginning and Kher has an interesting story related to his birth that leads him to believe that his was not just a routine birth.

This listicle takes us, in Kher’s own words, through a few lessons that have been milestones in Kher’s life and which have made him feel that he is ‘destiny’s special child’!

  1. “My life lesson has always been there is no point in thinking of what could have been—for I lay great store by John Lennon’s quote.”

  2. In contrast to modern nuclear families, I grew up with an assortment of Khers of all ages, which gave me a head start in learning the lessons related to sharing, tolerance and respecting diverse viewpoints and ideas.”

  3. “I think living with grandparents is the most significant factor in the growth of any child. At least, it was for me and my brother.”

  4. “There is no reason why anyone should find it difficult to stay close to their roots and remain grounded even after they taste success.”

  5. “Whatever be the adversities one faces, if one approaches the situation with a humorous perspective, then one is spared the angst, the tension and the stress that are nowadays part and parcel of day-to-day life and living.”

  6. “My own experiences have taught me that tragedy and trauma teach you a lot and makes you aware of who you are if you don’t indulge in self-pity.”

  7. “……I should be prepared for ups and downs but not let anything drag me down.”

  8. “The choice you make can distinguish between the ordinary and the extraordinary.”

  9. “I have learnt that failure is the one thing you should not fear in life. Better to experience it, face it, live it and thereby conquer, it by overcoming it.”

  10. “If you are unable to fake an emotion, don’t fake it. If you are suffocated by loneliness, speak to someone; reach out to a loved one. You don’t need to fit in! You are not alone.”

Get ready to be even more inspired in Kher’s autobiography, Lessons Life Taught Me, Unknowingly.

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