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Let’s Revisit the Golden Temple with Amma and Her Boys!

Remember when Bhakti Mathur and her boys took you and your little one on an enchanting journey to Amritsar’s Golden Temple? The beautiful architecture of one of the holiest places for Sikhs, the delectable langar served after prayers, a dip in the holy sarovar — Amma and her boys take you through an experience that stays with you forever.
Let’s take you through the Golden Temple once again through the pages of Amma, Take Me to the Golden Temple.
The rich history of the Golden Temple that stands tall for decades

The yummy taste of the karah prasad!

The peace and calm of the glorious inner sanctum

Taking a dip in the holy water facing Harmandir Sahib

The exquisite, golden palanquin carrying the Guru Granth Sahib

The history of the Golden Temple comes alive with the stunning illustrations in Bhakti Mathur’s Amma, Take Me to the Golden Temple.
Now get ready to join Amma and her boys on an exciting trip to the famous Tirupati! Pre-order your copy today!

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