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Little Things – An Exclusive Excerpt

“You don’t need big things to happen. A little love, a little togetherness and a little happiness are all you need!”
Whether it is in dealing with a bad day at work, trying out a new restaurant of experiencing FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on a weekend, Dhruv and Kavya are there for each other. Their lives are a series of simple yet charming incidents that makes for a heart-warming read.
Adapted from Dice Media’s immensely popular web series, Little Things is both delightful and entertaining book that offers a peek into the life of a young couple who knows how to find meaning in the ‘little things’.
Here is an exclusive excerpt from the book which is available across all bookstores next week.
‘You know, you shouldn’t wear kajal on Sundays,’ Dhruv told Kavya as they made their way to the gaming arcade at the mall.
‘The way you don’t shower on Sundays?’ Kavya pinched her nose. She had bathed, changed and even put on some make-up. Dhruv, on the other hand, looked as if he had just got out of bed.
‘Exactly! At least once a week we should know what we really look like without makeup and fancy clothes. I think it’s quite intense. It’s very naked, no? Being exactly who you are?’
Kavya refused to take the bait. She had lost interest already. Dhruv would keep getting into these long-winded, intense discussions about things that seemed inconsequential to her. Fortunately, she didn’t have to keep listening any more. They had reached the mall.
Dhruv stepped inside while Kavya got her bag checked at the security counter. Almost immediately, Dhruv was approached by a middle-aged man dressed formally, the mall’s security ID around his neck. As Kavya caught up, the man began to question Dhruv.
‘Excuse me, Sir. If you don’t mind me asking, where are you going?’
‘To play games.’
Kavya corrected him. ‘The arcade, Dhruv, it’s called an arcade.’ Dhruv wanted to tease Kavya about how sophisticated she pretended to be whenever she went out when he was interrupted.
‘You can’t go in, Sir,’ the man declared.
Annoyed, Dhruv asked, ‘Why? What’s the scene? Who the hell are you?’
‘Sir, I’m the manager of this mall. I’m sorry but I can’t let you go upstairs. You see, there’s a child’s birthday party going on in the arcade. And you have “In Cock We Trust” written on
your T-shirt.’
Dhruv glanced at his clothes. He was wearing his favourite Sriracha sauce T-shirt—a hot sauce and a piece of clothing he held very dear. The logo of this sauce was a rooster, which is why the caption ‘In Cock We Trust’.
‘Yeah, so?’ Dhruv didn’t get the point.
‘Sir, someone might file a complaint. It could become an issue. Please try and understand.’  Worry was evident on the manager’s face and in his voice.
‘This is my favourite chilli sauce brand’s T-shirt.’
‘Sriracha is the name of a sauce, Sir,’ Kavya said.
But their explanations and arguments were to no avail.
‘Ma’am, that doesn’t matter. If even one person complains, it can become an issue. Please try and understand. Plus, today is my first day at work. Please don’t put my job at risk. Please.’
‘Don’t talk rubbish, man! We want to play a few games. Just let us in.’ Dhruv was losing patience.
However, the manager remained adamant. ‘Sir, please try and understand. Someone could file a complaint. This could put my job at risk.’ He was almost blocking their way by now.
Seeing the man’s earnestness, Kavya gave in. She caught Dhruv’s eye and nudged him along, signalling that it was best they left. As a final act of defiance, Dhruv shouted, ‘How can you do this, yaar? This is unacceptable!’ He then turned to follow Kavya, who was already on her way out.
As Kavya and Dhruv left, they heard the manager calling out, ‘Thank you so much, Sir! Please come again tomorrow! I’m sorry!’
Dhruv was furious about what had just happened. ‘How can he throw us out like that?’
‘Come on, it’s not entirely his fault. You should have at least taken a shower, or changed your T-shirt.’
‘But today is a Sunday! And I don’t bathe on Sundays, you know that!’ Dhruv threw up his hands in exasperation.
It wasn’t that Dhruv looked shabby, but Kavya understood the manager’s point too. She asked, ‘So, what do you want to do now?’
‘I don’t know.’
Then, with a straight, serious face, he asked, ‘Do you just want to go home and have sex?’
Kavya burst out laughing. ‘At least don’t look this bored when you ask something like
Dhruv smirked. Then feeling disheartened again he asked, ‘Then what do you want to do?’
Kavya pondered for a bit before turning to him with an impish smile. ‘Do you want to go to a salon with me?’
She knew the answer would be no, but she took her shot anyway.
‘What? Why would I want to do that?’
‘Because then I can get a hair spa. And then when you play with my hair, it’ll be more fun!’
‘Yeah, right! When was the last time I did that? Have you seen your hair? If I get my hand anywhere near those wild curls, it’ll get lost.’
‘But you used to do that, and I miss it!’
Dhruv seemed surprised.
‘But then what about my match?’
‘Can’t you watch it on your mobile phone? Please!’
Seeing Dhruv hesitate, Kavya declared, ‘Okay, I’ve decided. We’re going to the salon. You can watch the match on your phone.’
‘No, yaar, it’s not the same thing! It isn’t fun watching it on the mobile phone. See, Kavvu, there are fifty-two Sundays in a year. The chances of Liverpool playing—’
‘—I know, I know. The chances of Liverpool playing on a Sunday are a mere 8.8 per cent.’
‘Yeah . . .’
‘But it’s a Sunday and I really want to do something!
By now, Dhruv wore an expression that Kavya knew very well. It was the face he made when he was almost convinced but was hanging on to the last straw of resistance. With puppydog eyes, Kavya squealed, ‘Please!’
She knew Dhruv couldn’t say no to that. As his shoulders slumped in a gesture of surrender, Kavya smiled triumphantly. She took his hand and they started walking towards the salon.
This girl takes too much advantage of her cuteness, thought Dhruv as he dragged his feet towards the salon.

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