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Make Bedtime Story Fun – An Excerpt from ‘Let’s Do This Together’

How much? How many? How far? How small? Maths helps make sense of the world around us. How many mangoes are needed to make a jar of pickle? How many toes do the monsters under the bed have? How many days till the new moon?

Let’s Do This Together by Lubaina Bandukwala is filled with stories that cleverly weave everyday maths problems into the narrative so children can easily solve them with the help of a parent, teacher or friend.

As they start with sums that are easy-peasy, move to mostly easy and then to ones that are not that easy, the book helps them build their self-confidence and number proficiency.

How to Read This Book: A Note for Parents
Before you embark on this arithmetic ride, here are a few tips:
• Read through the stories first before reading them aloud to your child. This way, you will be able to read fluently and hold your child’s attention.
• The stories are divided into three sections— Easy Peasy, Mostly Easy, and Not So Easy— with increasing levels of complexity. Begin according to your kid’s level, moving slowly to the more challenging stories.
• Do the maths with them—help them use their fingers, everyday objects or even a paper and a pencil for this.
• Add drama, use fun voices and intonations. Read in a relaxed manner. It’s not a test; it’s a story! Make it joyful for the child.
Story Time!
Rehaan’s mom would read him a bedtime story every night. He loved to listen to his favourite stories again and again. Hearing the same words in her special ‘story voice’ made him feel safe and comfortable. But his mom couldn’t understand that and read the story only once! MOMS!
One night, Rehaan wasn’t sleepy at all, and he wanted to hear more than 1 story. His mom had just finished telling him the story of The Three Little Pigs. He just loved the part where the wolf huffed and puffed and tried to blow the brick house down. His mom, he had to admit, played the role of the wolf really well. He kept wondering how he could convince his mom to tell him more than 1 story.
Just as she was about to switch off the light, Rehaan made a sad face.
‘You know I fell down today? And now my leg is really hurting. Maybe I’ll feel better if you tell me another story,’ he said.
His mom smiled and read him the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Rehaan was still wide awake when the story ended.
So he said, ‘Mom, I think that Goldilocks and the Three Bears would feel really disappointed if their story wasn’t told.’
Smart little Rehaan, eh? His mother had to give in! How many stories did he get his mother to tell him that night?

Find out what happens next in Let’s Do This Together

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