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Make Learning Fun For Your Little One With These Books!

With the new year in full swing, Puffin brings forth an exciting new collection of books for your kids that will enrich their minds and entertain as well!

So, go on, make sure that your tiny tot doesn’t miss out on any of these!

In My Heart


A very special story to be read with loved ones, In My Heart takes us on a child’s journey of discovering who she really is and where she comes from. Warmly illustrated and deeply felt, this is a fearless and tender celebration of the magical ways in which different kinds of families are born.

Macbeth: Vocabulary Enhancer

Word power is an integral part of being able to express yourself-whether you’re in college, appearing for competitive exams or attending a job interview. It makes you an effective and confident communicator. This handy guide brings to you an abridged version of the timeless tragedy Macbeth by William Shakespeare to familiarize you with a must-read and equip you with new words.

Pride and Prejudice: Vocabulary Enhancer

Strengthen your understanding of the English language and enhance your vocabulary with this unique companion. This handy guide brings to you an abridged version of the timeless novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen to familiarize you with a must-read and equip you with new words. 

There’s a Monster Under My Bed!

There’s something under my bed! What if it grabs my leg? What do children fear the most? From dark nights and eerie shadows to terrifying clowns, scary insects and huge monsters under their beds, conquer the biggest childhood terrors with this enchanting picture book.

Mumbai, Here  We Come(Discover India City By City)

Get set to discover Mumbai! Daadu Dolma, Mishki and Pushka are off to explore Mumbai. They’ve heard so much about its amazing people, its film industry and its buzz of activity. They’re going to have some great adventures in the city that never sleeps, so be sure to join them. Just get your backpack ready and plunge right in!

Delhi, Here We Come (Discover India City by City)

Get set to discover Delhi! Mishki and Pushka are longing to explore Delhi. They have heard about its incredible history, its amazing food, the stunning monuments and the unique Delhi lifestyle. Daadu Dolma is finally taking them for a visit. Are you going to join them? Then keep your cameras ready and get set for a wonderful trip!

The Parrot and The Merchant

Mah Jahan, a rich merchant woman, collects birds in cages. But when she brings back a gift for one of them, she learns a surprising lesson.This exquisitely illustrated story is an enchanting fable exploring how hard it is to let go of someone you love and give them freedom. Retold for modern-day readers, this classic tale by Rumi is brought to life by the award-winning illustrator Marjan Vafaian.


Twice Upon A Time

There is more than one way to be a girl! Keya is the real princess of a real kingdom, till she quits – and finds the least suitable replacement for the job! Can a brash, bubblegum-chewing girl fill some very fancy shoes? And what will happen when a real princess starts becoming a real person instead?From award-winning author Payal Kapadia comes this wickedly funny and action-packed novel about some real and not-so-real princesses.

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