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Matching The Bhagwaan To The Pakwaan : A Taste of ‘Bhagwaan Ke Pakwaan’

The rice beer bellies of a Christian village in Meghalaya; food fed to departed Zoroastrian souls; a Kolkata-based Jewish community in decline; Tibetan monks who first serve Preta, the hungry ghost; and fifty-six-course feasts of the Jagannath temple-these are the stories in Bhagwan Ke Pakwaan (or, food of the gods), a cookbook-cum-travelogue exploring the connection between food and faith through the communities of India.

Here are some soul-stirring delicacies from the book that explore diverse faiths and unite us with God:

Rongmesek, Meghalaya 

Rice beer is the one true food of the gods…To the Karbi people, rice beer is the fuel that refreshes you with the sweet buzz of life.

Udvada, Gujarat 

 Papra and Bakhra are two of the religious dishes that are made specifically for the Stum ceremony in the death rituals. For us still living, they make great snacks.

Spiti, Himachal Pradesh 

No trip to Kye Gompa would be complete without the breakfast combination of Butter Tea (also known as ‘gur gur chai’ due to the sound it makes when churned) and Puk. There also might not be a more divisive dish than Butter Tea if your idea of tea conflicts with one that is buttery and salty. Very buttery and salty.

There are legends and lore, angsty perspectives, tangential anecdotes, a couple of life lessons and a whole lot of food. Get your copy today!

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