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Meet India’s Favourite Teen Detective aka ‘Shrilok Homeless’

India’s favourite teen detective is back!

After taking Mumbai by storm, Shrilok and his best friend, Rohan, are now chasing criminals far and wide, even landing up in London. The stakes are high for the chaiwala-turned-super-sleuth, with murder mysteries, secret codes, museum robberies, an exam-paper racket and a terrorist from the past. Will our desi Sherlock rise to the challenge?

Here is an excerpt from Shrilok Homeless: The Ultimate Adventures Volume 2!

‘I believe you,’ said Shrilok with a twinkle in his eyes. ‘Let’s go back to the third suspect – Daniel Edwards. He made up his mind to kill the old man and take over his property. The only thing he needed was a scapegoat, who could take the blame for the murder. He didn’t have to wait for long. On 24th May, he overheard the butler, Williams, talking about an Indian girl’s phone call to his uncle. Daniel knew about his uncle’s past. When Maumita called again, he listened in on their conversation using the phone in the study. The girl accused Sholto of poisoning her father. She wanted to meet. As he heard their plan to meet take shape, a plan of his own was beginning to form.’

I glanced at Edwards; he was bubbling in fury. Shrilok’s eyes were fixed on him ‘Mr Edwards had a few hours to execute his plan. As we know, the family owns many different businesses. One of them is a tour company in London. Mr Edwards had access to the company files. He knew the tour bus was scheduled to take some Chinese tourists for sightseeing, ending at Tower Bridge at 5:30pm. He called the driver and bribed him to let the tourists out of the bus at exactly p.m. He also advised the driver to disappear for a few weeks.’

‘But if Mr Edwards was on the bridge, why did no not recognize him?’ asked Maumita doubtfully.

‘Because he was in disguise. Daniel entered the theatre for rehearsals but exited as a Chinese man in tourist clothing, complete with a wig of short black hair. I have proof – CCTV cameras outside the theatre caught him on tape and a co-star saw a Chinese man emerge from Daniel’s room. He did not recognize him, of course. The eye make-up was ekdum perfect.’ Shrilok grinned. ‘The rest I could deduce easily. Daniel kept a watch on the bridge, and when he saw Sholto and Maumita meet, he called the driver to let the tourists out, joining them on the bridge. As he got closer to the girl, he took put a gun that had been concealed in his coat and shot Sholto. Daniel disappeared amidst the commotion, tossing the gun in Thames.’

‘These are all baseless allegations. I was nowhere near the bridge!’ shouted Edwards.

Inspector Jordan stood up. ‘Once Detective Shrilok pointed us in the right direction, we didn’t waste any time. We found the driver, and he confessed his role. His calls have been traced.’ He turned to Daniel. ‘You had called him from the telephone booths in Surrey and London. But it was stupid of you to use your mobile to make the last call.’

‘I’m not stupid! There were no bloody phone booths nearby,’ burst out Daniel.

Get to meet the beloved Shrilok yet again in Shrilok Homeless: The Ultimate Adventures Volume 2

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