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Meet PG Wodehouse’s Jeeves

PG Wodehouse is one of the most celebrated writers of the 20th century. His writing paved way for a marvelous collection of comic novels and short stories enjoyed by many. He was also a well-known lyricist and playwright. He is fondly remembered for creating the characters Bertie Wooster and his resourceful helper Reginald Jeeves, who starred in many of his famous works. The famed character of Reginald Jeeves was known and loved by everyone who was a great admirer of Wodehouse’s work.
Here we give you a chance to know more about this beloved character:

  1. Reginald Jeeves is the adept valet of the wealthy Londoner Bertie Wooster.
  2. The character of Reginald Jeeves first appeared in print in 1915.
  3. Being older and wiser, Reginald Jeeves is the epitome of a British gentleman and also a friend to Bertie Wooster.
  4. With the help of his quick-thinking Reginald Jeeves always succeeds in helping his master out of difficult situations.
  5. In the books, Reginald Jeeves is known to be so smart that his brain bulges at the back of his head.
  6. In his own words, Reginald Jeeves is a “Gentleman’s personal Gentleman”.
  7. Apart from being extremely intelligent, Reginald Jeeves is very observant.


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