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Meet the Characters from ‘Wish I Could Tell You’

Anusha is disillusioned and heartbroken, she finds herself struggling to work for, a charity. On the opposing side is Ananth who finds no cause to be too small to support.

They can’t escape each other when their lives entangle in a way that moving together is the only solution.

Meet the complex characters from Durjoy Datta’s new book,Wish I Could Tell You:

Ananth Khatri:

A young twenty-three year old boy who is the only son of a set of religious, over-protective and sometimes possessive set of parents. Ananth is  sincere, loving and filled with endless empathy. At 5’10”, He is the tallest member of his family.

“My growing up has been hard on them. If they could, they would choose the three-year-old in a white frock over the twenty three- year-old they are struggling to get into a blazer.”

Anusha Sardana:

She is an only child living with her mother and aspires to be a writer someday. Her father’s death left a big hole in her and her mother’s lives and they have not been able to recuperate and move on since it happened seven years ago.

“At night, to celebrate, Mumma and I ordered Chinese. We put out a plate for Baba. The chowmein on his plate swam in soya sauce and chilli vinegar. Just like Baba used to like it.”

Saraansh Gupta:

He is a fresh out of movie-school graduate. His family is against him pursuing his education in this field and have stopped talking to him, cut a huge chunk of his finances and they are threatening to take away his car the driver. They want him to get into the family business of buttons.

“Saraansh orders a skinny latte and sits in the far corner of Starbucks. He’s nervous but pumped. This meeting is going to be his big break, he can feel it in his bones. He’s smiling thinking of the future…”

Rachita Somani:

She has been at WeDonate for three years. The job is leaving tell-tale signs on her face. The intricate crow’s feet at the corner of her eyes, the huge bags underneath, the despondent look on her face,  are unmissable.

“Rachita had come to WeDonate with idealistic notions about people’s niceness, about their philanthropic tendencies. Now she knew that people who donated money to medical campaigns did it for another dopamine hit.”


Find out more about these characters and follow their story in Durjoy Datta’s new book Wish I Could Tell You.

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