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Meet the Generation of Weird from ‘Children of Destruction’

Between a blind and telekinetic mass murderer, a girl bound to a shadow-demon and a genetically engineered pseudo messiah, a whole generation of weird is ready to come of age, in Kuber Kaushik’s book titled The Children of Destruction. And when it does, the world will change…

Who are these children of Destruction….let’s meet them!

Alice, The Dreamer

Sun Alice is a 15 year old from Hong Kong. She is the heir to the ancient power of the Elementals and can control air. Confused and annoyed by creepy supernatural creatures, she is very sarcastic (it’s a defense mechanism).


Tao, The Disciple 

14 year old Tao is from the outskirts of Kathmandu. Blinded and orphaned as a child, he was raised as a Disciple to the god Yama. He is telekinetic and even-tempered to the point of emotionless. Oh, and he has a murder list.



Adam, The Vessel 

Adam Al-Kharsan is from a secret base somewhere in Afghanistan. The 11 year old is genetically engineered to save the world. Though eternally curious, optimistic and confident, he has problems with rules…rules like ‘don’t kill people’.


Violetta, The Hybrid

Violetta of Santor is from a mystical hidden valley in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Bonded to an ancient shadow creature called Shade, the 12 year old tends to brood a lot. She has nightmares…400 years’ worth of nightmares.



You would think that after causing minor hurricanes with a major sneeze, being visited by a talking fox and ending up on a journey with death around every corner, things can’t get much worse. But they can…find out how in Kuber Kaushik’s Children of Destruction.

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