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Meet the two enthralling protagonists from The House Swap

Married with a young son, Caroline and Francis want to take a break from their humdrum lives and rekindle their relationship. They swap houses with strangers, for a week – going from their city flat to a townhouse in upscale London. Little do they know of the series of strange events that are yet to unravel.
Here’s a look inside the lives of these two self-destructive characters.
Meet Caroline
With her marriage in shambles, Caroline longs for a do-over in life. She often feels a sense of claustrophobia around her husband.

This makes her go down the dark memory lane of her past, one she’s been trying hard to leave behind.
 Meet Francis

His addiction to prescription pills worsens his behaviour towards his wife and son, thereby exacerbating the problems in his marriage.
He’s enthusiastic about the idea of a house swap and appreciates his wife for taking an initiative to work on their marriage, not anticipating how things could take a dark turn.

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