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Meet the Two Spunky Princesses of ‘Twice upon a Time’

‘All princess stories are the same!’ But not this one. This is a story about two girls. Keya just happens to be a princess. Nyla just happens to be a tomboy. Both, as it turns out, just want to be themselves. When Princess Keya quits and Nyla shows up to replace her, two worlds collide. Together the girls ruffle dresses and feathers; break vases and traditions; fight dragons and boredom; grow roses and revolutions.

Here is a look at the two lovable characters of Twice Upon a Time!

Meet Princess Keya:

Princess Keya is the definition of everything pristine and perfect. Princess Keya does princessy things like any princess anywhere: She sings, dances, wears pink at all times. She throws tea parties, she embroiders, she crochets.  She can join her hands in a namaste more exquisite than a lotus bud, admire the roses in her garden and, oh yes, she bakes too. While she may not know what she wants from her life, she only knew what she didn’t want! Which is the crowd of people at her heels all day, pinning her back, pressing her legs or carrying her parasol! She wants to achieve great, heroic things such as planting a flag upon a mountaintop or trussing up the sails of a ship at the height of a storm. She wants to travel far, far away, where no one can tell her to eat, sleep or sit still.



Meet Nyla:

Nyla is a bubbly and effervescent girl with a rare indomitable spirit. Beneath the rough exterior, she is an innocent child who loves the colour pink as it reminds her of flowers and sunsets. Nyla wants to eventually make her parents proud of her and see her for the girl she is. Reading the newspaper is one of her favourite things to do. But normally disturbed by her brothers and their antics, she struggles to read and find her personal space. Dared by her brothers in a silly challenge, Nyla soon finds her way to becoming a real princess!



Boisterous, over the top and wicked funny, Twice Upon a Time is the perfect princess book for girls who have outgrown princesses.


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