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Preserving the ‘magic’: Maintaining long-lasting friendships

Friendships and sustainable, in-depth human bonds are crucial for survival and individual fulfillment. But like any relationship, friendships also need care and emotional investment for sustenance and strength.

In his latest book The Magic of Friendships, motivational speaker Shubha Vilas explores, in a straightforward, anecdotal manner, some accessible advice on how to sustain strong and magical friendships in your life. We take a look:


Growing as an individual

‘Unless we work on our bad attitude and develop the right attitude and mindset, genuine friendship will always elude us.’

The Magic of Friendships || Shubha Vilas
Symbiotic and mutualistic dynamic

‘[A symbiotic relationship] should ideally not be developed with the intention of deriving gains from the other person, but should be born of compassion and empathy towards one another.’

Putting friends at the centre of our lives

‘Friendship begins when we get rid of our self-centred mindset. As long as we remain at the centre of our lives, making good friends is out of the question. […] As long as we are focused on serving our own needs, interests and concerns, there is no time or desire to focus on the needs, interests and concerns of another person.’

Be your own friend first

‘To be a friend to another person, you first need to be a friend to yourself. Before you take on the responsibility of a friendship, you first need to take responsibility for your own self. The responsibility for changing ‘me’

Invest time and effort

‘[Deep friendships] cannot be developed overnight. They need patient nursing, which requires time.’


In these challenging, socially-distanced times, it is more important than ever to keep your friends close. The Magic of Friendships is a testament to the fact that those friendship goals are way more attainable than you think!

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