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Rediscover Love During the ’70s with ‘Once upon A Curfew’

It is 1974. Indu has inherited a flat from her grandmother and wants to turn it into a library for women. Her parents think this will keep her suitably occupied till she marries her fiancé, Rajat, who’s away studying in London.
But then she meets Rana, a young lawyer with sparkling wit and a heart of gold. He helps set up the library and their days light up with playful banter and the many Rajesh Khanna movies they watch together.

When the Emergency is declared, Indu’s life turns upside down. Rana finds himself in trouble, while Rajat decides it’s time to visit India and settle down. As the Emergency pervades their lives, Indu must decide not only who but what kind of life she will choose.

Once Upon A Curfew beautifully portrays the difference between love then, in the 70s and now.

Here are some poignant quotes from the book that will surely melt your heart!

Even an act as tiny as looking into one’s eyes or extending a hand for a shake when meeting each other for the first time was considered bold and gutsy.


The use of first names without any salutation between 2 people who have just met would be a sign of a developing intimacy.


Subtleties were still very much in trend and flirting would almost always be way too polite.


It would not only be scandalous but also very inappropriate for a young boy and girl to meet at each other’s houses or even less crowded or empty public spaces. Coffee shops and restaurants used to be the dating hot joints of the times.


Physical expression of emotion was not the norm of the day; it could send a wrong signal or the person initiating it might actually be judged in a bad way.


The expression of one’s love was mostly through words and silent actions and not outright and sometimes over-the-top declarations of love so characteristic of today’s times.


Physical proximity or public display of affection was frowned upon and was not common so it made couples self-conscious and awkward when they had to diplay even the minutest of affection in public.


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