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Seven Incredible Moments from the Wishing-Chair Series

Of all the reasons to love Enid Blyton, The Wishing-Chair series is a big one. These books are full of fun, as we follow Peter and Mollie on strange and wonderful adventures on the Wishing-Chair.
Together with Binky the pixie, the children visit exciting and magical places – from the Land of Wishes to Snoogle’s Castle and the Island of Surprises. They meet giants, goblins, witches, wizards and other amazing creatures along the way.
Let’s take a look at seven incredible moments from the series.
When the children discover the shop with ‘Antiques’ written on a label in the window…

“It was the most curious shop they had ever been in! Fancy keeping all those queer things in boxes! Really, there must be magic about somewhere. It couldn’t be a proper shop.”

When they wish to be out of the shop and back home, and the chair they are sitting in suddenly floats off the ground…

“And then the most extraordinary thing of all happened! The chair they were in began to creak and groan, and suddenly it rose up in the air, with the two children in it! They held tight, wondering what ever was happening!”

When the children help Binky the pixie escape from a horrid giant in a castle…

“‘Quick, quick, Binky!’ shouted Peter, and he dragged the amazed pixie to the magic chair. They all three sat in it, huddled together, and Peter shouted, ‘Take us home!'”

When they go to visit Binky’s village…

“It didn’t take them very long to get there. The chair put them down in the middle of the village street, and was at once surrounded by an excited crowd of pixies, who shook hands with Binky and asked him a hundred questions.”

When they go to the Land of Dreams, and the Wishing-Chair keeps changing…

“‘There goes our chair!’ said Binky sorrowfully. ‘It looks as if we are here for ever now! First it turned into a dog, then into a duck, and now into ice-cream! This is a horrid adventure!'”

When a witch puts a spell on the garden so the children can’t escape…but the Wishing Chair saves the day!

“They saw something flying around the garden, like a big black bird! Mollie started – and then she leapt up and whispered as loudly as she dared – ‘It isn’t a bird! It’s the dear old Wishing-Chair! It’s come to find us!'”

When some elves invite the children to Magician Greatheart’s party…

“There were hundreds of fairy folk there of all kinds – gnomes, goblins, brownies, fairies, elves, pixies – but only two children, so Mollie and Peter felt most honoured.”

Jump aboard the Wishing-Chair and whizz off on three magical adventures! For more posts like this one, follow Penguin India on Facebook!

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