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Sip your Way towards Good Health! A Special Tea from ‘The Magic Weight Loss Pill’

What’s the one remedy common to controlling diabetes, hyperthyroidism, kidney and liver stones and excess weight? Lifestyle. Luke Coutinho, co-author of The Great Indian Diet, shows us that nothing parallels the power and impact that simple sustained lifestyle changes can have on a person who’s struggling to lose excess weight or suffering from a chronic disease.

The first part of the book concentrates on the reason we get such diseases in the first place, while the second is filled with sixty-two astonishingly easy and extremely practicable changes that will have you feeling healthier and happier and achieving all your health goals without the rigour and hard work of a hardcore diet or fitness regime.

Here’s a simple recipe from the book to aid your weight loss!


The Magic Weight-Loss Tea

Add this magic tea to your daily regime and lifestyle. You can use a base of black or green tea, or just makean infusion with water and the following ingredients:

™™ 1 square-inch piece of fresh ginger root
™™ Squeeze of a lemon
™™ 2 cups of water
™™ 2–3 peppercorns
™™ 1 cinnamon stick
™™ 2 cardamom pods, crushed
™™ 2 cloves

Boil, simmer, reduce to half, strain and serve hot with or without pure honey.

This amazing potion is detoxifying and highly anti inflammatory, and has the power to rapidly decrease Candida and yeast infections that inhibit weight loss. Ginger is essential to this magic tea recipe due to its amazing benefits. It helps in boosting immunity and cellular health, controlling high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and stimulating blood rush to sex organs. It also prevents and treats the flu, digestive issues, menstrual pain, PMS, cancer (by building immunity and cellular health), arthritis, joint/ bone pain and ageing.

Get a kickstart to reaching your fit self with Luke Coutinho and Anushka Shetty’s The Magic Weight Loss Pill

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