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Six times we wished Sahil and Ayra’s love story was ours

To You, With Love || Shravya Bhinder

To You, With Love is the story of Sahil and Ayra who are very different from each other, right from childhood. While Sahil is careless, carefree, ‘new money’ and ‘the brat’, Ayra is sensitive, reserved, shy and not easy to talk to. And that is probably what attracts Sahil to her. Their story progresses slowly and delicately, and things gradually take on a love-tinged hue between them.


Today, we are looking at six moments from the book that are sure to make you wish you too had a love story like Sahil and Ayra’s.



When Sahil talked about love at first sight and we couldn’t help but nod our heads in agreement

People tell you that love happens in one moment, at ‘one sight’, and the truth is that it actually does! Whether that moment is going to be the first moment when you see her or the hundredth, it cannot be predicted by anyone, but it will happen in one single moment.


When Sahil made us realise that the best love stories start from friendships and we couldn’t help but blush

I realized how we were each other’s first friends, and first friendships are deeper than most bonds in the world.


When Sahil showed us that flaws make us human and loveable

She has her flaws and yet she is the most beautiful person to me, because she is like art—she makes me feel alive whenever I look at her.


When we were reminded that true love isn’t about volatile emotions but a feeling of tranquility

The way she looked at me as she spoke, I felt a calmness sweep over me. The image of her beautiful face was imprinted somewhere deep in my heart.


When Sahil perfectly summed up the feeling of finding the right one

Her entry in my life made something click, like when a key clicks inside a lock and you know that you have found the right one.


And finally,


When we found out the content of Ayra’s heart-breaking love note to Sahil that left us a weepy mess

Life means many things to many people and so does love—neither life nor love can be lived in a way where there is nothing new to add or nothing old to remove. Definitions change with time, place and the people who define it, yet the essence remains the same.

To me, love and life both mean you.




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