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Beat the Heat with these New Children’s Books!

June brings a fantastic collection of new children’s books to spark imaginations and delight young readers. From magical folk tales to stories of curiosity and courage, these June releases are perfect for kids to enjoy during the summer break. Let the reading fun begin!


How and Why Tales
How and Why Tales || Geeta Ramanujam

Why do nightingales sing at night?
How did the Moon get its craters?
Why did the Great Bear become a constellation?

Do you ever wonder about these questions? If you find yourself intrigued by the universe, then this book of folk tales is for you!

Delight in these richly illustrated stories as you explore the magical mysteries of nature and traverse distant lands, such as the Pamir Knot, the Ottoman Empire in Turkey and the icy expanse of Greenland.

Curated by Geeta Ramanujam, these enchanting tales not only draw from diverse traditions but also feature her own unique stories. An imaginative exploration, this collection of eighteen tales invites you to discover folk tales and trivia from around the world.


Petu Pumpkin Freedom Fighter
Petu Pumpkin Freedom Fighter || Arundhati Venkatesh

‘The future depends on what you do today.’ –Mahatma Gandhi

When games periods are cancelled and Petu and his friends unearth a sinister conspiracy, there is only one thing to be done–to seek inspiration from the founders of our nation, and protest.

But the path to freedom and justice is not a straight and narrow one. Many unexpected challenges crop up, including malicious media, the real-estate mafia, credit-stealing politicians and scary security guards.

Will the Awesome Fivesome expose the land-grabbers and save their playground? Will justice prevail?


Brighten Up Your Summer With these Children’s Books!

Get ready to soak up the summer sun with some fantastic new children’s books hitting the shelves this month! From heartwarming friendships to exciting adventures, these stories are sure to make your summer days extra special. So find a cozy spot, and let the reading adventures begin!


Puppy Trouble (Hook Book)
Puppy Trouble (Hook Book) || Bijal Vachharajani

Amit wants a puppy. But when a pokey-bitey-chewy-peeing pup turns up, he is not sure he wants a dog any more . . .


Maithili and the Minotaur
Maithili and the Minotaur || C.G. Salamander, Rajiv Eipe

Armed with her mother’s map, Maithili is out to find the truth behind her disappearance. But haunted by ominous visions of a strange boy, Maithili might just lead her friends into the clutches of something sinister.

Will Maithili, Minotaur and their friends find what they’re looking for? Or will they be stuck in the cave of a thousand eyes forever?


Hold On to Your Dreams
Hold On to Your Dreams || Ruskin Bond

On the eve of his ninetieth birthday, literary legend Ruskin Bond brings to readers a heartfelt letter capturing his most cherished memories and experiences. Penning his thoughts with sincerity and grace, the writer reflects upon love, loss, friendship, frailties, solitude and companionship—the bittersweet experience of human existence.

Reminiscing tales of his boyhood and youth, the author urges us to learn from mistakes, embrace empathy and hold on to our dreams through life’s vicissitudes. Complemented with poignant art, this book is a timeless collection of learnings on the journey called life.

Living with Adi
Living with Adi || Zarin Virji

Adi Krishnan is different!
He is a bright student, who loves to read, and remembers everything down to the smallest details—yet he has no friends. His unusual view of things makes his classmates and teachers regard him as a weirdo.
Will the bullying ever end? Will people accept him as he is? Will he gain the respect of others, especially his dad?
Award-winning author Zarin Virji creates the extraordinary journey of an ordinary boy, narrated by him, his family, classmates and a teacher. And how, despite the challenges, living with Adi is, in fact, unexpected, delightful and funny.

Grow Your Love for Reading with these April Books!

Step into a world of wonder and imagination with our latest April books for children. From understanding the importance of mental health to discovering secret gardens and thrilling adventures, there’s something for every young reader. Dive in!

Sad-Glad || Sidhartha Mallya

One morning, Sid wakes up feeling different. He can’t quite put his finger on why. The day seems gloomy, and Sid doesn’t feel like getting out of bed.

Luckily, Duke, Sid’s best buddy, senses that Sid needs comforting. He gently encourages Sid to accept all the different emotions he is feeling.

A helpful companion for a dull day, this assuring picture book is filled with many feelings and thoughts that offer a lot of hope!


The Boy Who Built a Secret Garden
The Boy Who Built a Secret Garden || Lavanya Karthik

Before Nek Chand built his iconic garden, he was a boy with a dream—of home.


Mum in a Mess
Mum in a Mess || Sanjana Kapur

When Mum breaks a coffee jar, it does not seem like a big deal. But then, Mum starts acting very strangely. What is Vishi to do?


The Egghead Detective Agency 2
The Egghead Detective Agency 2 || Pika Nani

• Why is there a dinosaur bone in the garden?
• Who is sneaking comics out of the bookstore?
• Could there really be another ghost in the neighbourhood?

Ever since Egghead, the friendly ghost detective, showed up at Tam and Ant’s home, life has been one big adventure. With their little buddhis and a dose of Egghead’s ghostly powers, Tam and Ant have cracked case after case in their beloved apartment complex, Emerald Gardens.

But now, Egghead and his magical armchair have gone missing! Can Tam and Ant find their friend before it’s too late? Join the sisters in their ‘egg-ceptional’ quest that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

What’s more, YOU can help the detectives crack the cases with Solve It Yourself (SIY) clues, picture puzzles, brain-teasers and more in this 5-in-1 chapter book!



The Padmas
The Padmas || Neha J Hiranandani

Step into the world of the Padma Awards—one of India’s highest civilian honours. Announced on the eve of Republic Day every year, the awards recognize the achievements of people who have fought to make a difference in the world.

This book features fifty incredible people—artists, scientists, freedom fighters, social workers, sports stars and many others from different walks of life—who have proven that determination, perseverance and courage are the only ingredients needed to accomplish remarkable things.

Celebrating seventy years of the Padma Awards, this beautifully illustrated book will inspire young readers to dream big and persevere against all odds.

Jingle All the Way with These Children’s Books

Discover the magic of December through the eyes of your little ones with our latest children’s books! Dive into enchanting stories that will make them giggle, learn, and dream. Join us in exploring the newest releases that are sure to fill your family time with joy and wonder!


The Chhau Champ (hOle Book)
The Chhau Champ (hOle Book) || Vibha Batra

Shubha wants to learn Chhau. But her father wants to only teach her brother Shayon. How will Shubha persuade him that she too deserves a chance?

The Henna Start-up
The Henna Start-up || Andaleeb Wajid

Abir Maqsood is angry.

She has things to do: a career to carve, money to earn, and, in the small stuff, a dining table to fix. But there are many obstacles in the way: lack of money, her parents’ over-protective attitude, and a most annoying distraction in class called Arsalan.

When her mother is not paid her dues for her henna service, Abir resolves to help her by creating a henna app. Her college is also running a programme for student start-ups so things look most fortuitous. But the path to getting funding is littered with more thorns than roses.

As Abir navigates through college, friendships and social pressures with determination, will she find the freedom that she is truly looking for?

Best Indian Stories for Children
Best Indian Stories for Children || R K Narayan, Anita Desai, Ruskin Bond, Sudha Murty (Ed.)

Enjoy reading masterfully crafted stories for children by four all-time favourite authors. Dive into extraordinary landscapes, meet evergreen characters and get immersed in the magic of these classic tales that is sure to spark a love for reading and literature!

Awesome August Books for Children

Welcome to an exciting new world of discovery and imagination with our newest August releases! Whether you’re curious about distant planets and stars, mystic creatures, or want to know more about the power of science and become the ultimate smartypants in town, this collection of stories has something for children of all ages.

So, buckle up and let the adventurous journey begin! Happy Reading!

Sinbad and the Rise of Iblis
Sinbad and the Rise of Iblis || Kevin Missal

You might be wondering why I’m still speaking in the midst of chaos. Well, danger has now become my constant companion. In my reckless quest for power, I shattered the trust of those who once stood by my side. The words ‘betrayer’ and ‘broken’ are now etched into my very being.But there is no time to give in to my misery. The dreaded devil, once imprisoned, has risen from the depths of Qlitop. With a legion of abominable creatures at his command, he now threatens to unleash unrestrained havoc upon the world.

Time is rapidly pushing us towards the abyss. Desperate, I must embark on a harrowing journey to acquire three mystical artefacts that can save our ravaged Earth. Yet, as fate would have it, these
objects can only be found within alternate universes, adding another layer of torment to my already tormented existence.

Prepare yourself for the final instalment in Kevin Missal’s Sinbad series, a gripping reimagination of the legendary sailor from the classic One Thousand and One Nights!


How to Reach Mars and other (Im)possible Things
How to Reach Mars and other (Im)possible Things || Menaka Raman

Rabia is one of the most curious girls you’ll meet. She’s always full of questions: How, Why,
What, Where and When!
When she hears a classmate say that women can’t be scientists, she has to find out if it’s true. Luckily, she’s soon visiting the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on a field trip with her classmates, where she bumps into Dr Mary, a physicist.

When Rabia learns that Dr Mary is one of the scientists working on a daring mission to Mars, she asks her all the questions that she can think of about the mission.
Join Rabia and Dr Mary as they walk through ISRO and learn everything about making the impossible-possible!


Earthquakes for Smartypants
Earthquakes for Smartypants || Anushka Ravishankar

Earthquakes for Smartypants
Are you a Smartypants?
Do you ask a lot of questions? Like–
What is the surface of the Earth called?
Is the Earth actually a rainbow cake?
How do you measure an earthquake?
If you do, then you just might find the answers in this book.
It has gorgeous pictures, simple explanations and a very curious cat!


Vacciness for Smartypants
Vacciness for Smartypants || Anushka Ravishankar

Are you a Smartypants?
Do you ask a lot of questions? Like-
Are all germs bad?
What is an antibody?
Do T cells go to school?
If you do, then you just might find the answers in this book.
It has gorgeous pictures, simple explanations and a very curious cat!


Newton's Laws of Motions for Smartypants
Newton’s Laws of Motions for Smartypants || Anusha Ravishankar

Are you a Smartypants?
Do you ask a lot of questions? Like-
What is force?
What is acceleration?
Will you go to jail if you break Newton’s laws?
If you do, then you just might find the answers in this book.
It has gorgeous pictures, simple explanations and a very curious cat!


Dhara's revolution
Dhara’s revolution || Varsha Seshan

Sarvaloka Public School calls children ‘future citizens’ but makes every decision without ever talking to the students. Nine-year-old Dhara is determined to change that. She sparks a revolution, and gets the whole school to vote for the very first time. However, caught in the storm of elections, Dhara loses sight of what is really important to her.

Can she find her way back to what truly matters before everything spirals out of control?

Dive into July with these Children’s Books

Get ready to embark on a rainy-day adventure with our delightful July releases. Let the monsoon magic unfold as you dive into this collection of captivating reads for children of all ages.

Take a look!

Magic in Marble: Building the Taj with Attaullah and Saving the Taj with Aradya
Magic in Marble : Building the Taj with Attaullah and Saving the Taj with Aradya || Ulta-Pulta series, INTACH

Magic in Marble: Building the Taj with Attaullah

Attaullah has to leave his playmates and the beautiful trees of Lahore behind as he makes the tiring journey to Akbarabad on a camel cart. His abbu, a master architect, has been summoned there to help build the most extraordinary monument ever-the Taj Mahal. The mausoleum will immortalize the memory of Jahan Panah Shah Jahan’s beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. And Attaullah wants to be a part of history as it’s being created. But how?

Magic in Marble: Saving the Taj with Aradya

Aradya has read everything she could find on the greatest monument ever built-the Taj Mahal. So, when her papa, a conservationist, invites her to join him on his quick work trip to Agra, she feels like she’s the luckiest girl in the whole, wide world. Her papa’s team is working on a project that will help preserve the Taj’s beauty and ensure its survival for future generations. And Aradya wants to help. But how?

Travelling across two timelines in history, this is an ulta-pulta book about two children whose paths collide in a mysteriously magical way.


The Letter to Lahore (Songs of Freedom Series)
The Letter to Lahore (Songs of Freedom Series)|| Tanu Shree Singh

Sarchi, 1921

When Dak Chacha comes to visit, Luxmi feels only joy and excitement. But this time, there is something dark underfoot-Chacha is worried and there are policemen coming to search their house.
Luxmi learns that both Dak Chacha and her mother are involved-in their own small ways-in the struggle for liberation from the unjust laws and practices that the British regime forces on all of them. This makes her determined to be part of it too. Even if that means undertaking a risky mission which no one else is able to do . . .


Postcard from the Lushai Brigade (Songs of Freedom Series)
Postcard from the Lushai Brigade (Songs of Freedom Series) || Hannah Lalhlanpuii

Aizawl, 1942

The world that the young boy at the heart of this story is growing up in is filled with magic and the simple joys of life with his brother Kima. Even the British presence in the Lushai Hills, so resented by some, does not affect him, except as a source of interesting and different things and people.
But as the Japanese prepare to invade their land, Kima joins up with the British Indian Army, and the days of simple joy are over . . .

The Songs of Freedom series explores the lives of children across India during the struggle for independence.


Inni and Bobo Head to School
Inni and Bobo Head to School || Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Kemmu

Bobo is a special puppy that little Inni has adopted. Bobo likes to help Inni get ready for school. He always checks if she has packed her lunch and water bottle.
And guess what? Bobo gets to go to school with Inni on a special day called ‘Bring Your Pet to School Day’! It’s the best Wednesday ever! Inni can’t wait to show her friends how wonderful Bobo is.

This endearing story, the third book in the Inni & Bobo series, delves into the everlasting bond between humans and pets. It will not only encourage children to show empathy and kindness towards animals but also teach them to open their hearts and homes to those in need.


Kolam Kanna
Kolam Kanna || Vibha Batra

The exciting Kolam Kondattam Kontest is right around the corner. And Bharathi can’t wait to participate and show off, er, showcase his creative skills. Encouraged by his friends, Tabassum and Alagu, he registers for the contest (with a ‘k’).Alas, the Residents’ Welfare Association, led by the fearsome Mrs Subramaniam, won’t hear of it. The contest is open only to the residents of Pravin’s Paradiso Apartments. And while Bharathi hangs out at the apartments all the time, he’s not exactly-technically-actually a resident.

Now it’s up to Bharathi to hatch an ingenious plan. Will he be able to get around the rules, get past the building bullies and get a shot at his dream?

Introduce kids to their personal storyteller!

While some kids love to read, there are some who are yet to be introduced to the world of books. And for both kinds, Penguin brings something special- audiobooks!

Bring back the nostalgic habit of storytelling to kids with their own personal storyteller! Before you know it, your child would become a bibliophile and perhaps even a storyteller!


Here are some of our favourite audiobooks for you to choose from:


Grandparents' Bag of Stories by Sudha Murty
Grandparents’ Bag of Stories || Sudha Murty


Grandparents’ Bag of Stories

By Sudha Murty

It’s 2020, and children are stuck indoors as the novel coronavirus finds its way into India. A nationwide lockdown is announced, and amidst the growing crisis, Ajja and Ajji welcome their grandchildren and Kamlu Ajji into their house in Shiggaon.

From stitching masks, sharing household chores, preparing food for workers to losing themselves in timeless tales, the lockdown turns into a memorable time for the children as they enter the enchanting world of goddesses, kings, princesses, serpents, magical beanstalks, thieves, kingdoms, and palaces, among others. The myriad stories told by their grandparents become the biggest source of joy, making the children compassionate, worldly-wise and more resilient than ever.


Grandma's Bag of Stories by Sudha Murty
Grandma’s Bag of Stories || Sudha Murty


Grandma’s Bag of Stories

By Sudha Murty

Memories of a grandparent spinning tales around animals and mysterious characters have kept many of us rapt till date. Sudha Murty’s Grandma’s Bag of Stories is simply delightful. The story starts with Anand, Krishna, Raghu and Meena arriving at their grandparents’ house in Shiggaon. Overjoyed Ajji and Ajja (Grandmother and Grandfather in Kannada) get the house ready, while Ajji prepares delicious snacks for children. Finally, times comes when everyone gathers around Ajji, as she opens her big bag of stories. She tells stories of kings and cheats, princesses and onions, monkeys and mice and scorpions and hidden treasures.

This book is ideal for young children and those who are 5+ in age. Stories are accompanied morals. Lucid and simple language of the book make it thoroughly enjoyable.


Unfair by Rasil Ahuja
Unfair || Rasil Ahuja


Unfair by Rasil Ahuja

Auditions are on for the seventh-grade annual play. Lina sets her heart and sights on the lead role, but the drama teacher seems to think Lina isn’t the right shade for the part. All Lina wants is a fair chance to try out for the role.

Meher finds math far more interesting, and less dramatic, than Macbeth. When her extroverted BFF Lina suddenly becomes distraught and withdrawn, Meher tries to figure out what she may have done wrong. Will their friendship fade, or will Meher find a solution to this problem?



Nava Durga by Nalini Ramachandran
Nava Durga || Nalini Ramachandran


Nava Durga by Nalini Ramachandran

Durga, as this powerful warrior-goddess is known,
Has nine special forms – each one unique, not just a clone.
Shailaputri, Brahmacharini and Chandraghanta, Kushmanda and Skandamata,
Katyayani and Kaalratri,
Maha Gauri and Siddhidatri…
They are the Nava Durga,
Worshipped during Navaratri,
The festival of nine nights and nine days
That’s celebrated across India and the world in myriad ways
To praise the goddesses and their glory.
This is their story!

7 dream jobs and how to find them by Chandan Deshmukh
7 dream jobs and how to find them || Chandan Deshmukh


7 Dream Jobs and How to Find Them

By Chandan Deshmukh

On an average, 11 hours a day for the rest of your life, you’ll either be working or traveling to your workplace. Now imagine being stuck in the wrong job! A study says that 80 percent of Indians are unhappy with their jobs. Then how can we find a job that makes us happy? Is there a formula we can use to find our dream job?

Go on a journey with national best-selling author Chandan Deshmukh as he guides you through the various opportunities, challenges, and turning points of any career and most of all, finding a job that makes you happy.


Amma, Take Me to The Golden Temple by Bhakti Mathur
Amma, Take Me to The Golden Temple || Bhakti Mathur

Amma, Take Me to The Golden Temple

by Bhakti Mathur

Join Amma and her children as they travel to the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar. Take a tour through the wonderful sights, sounds, and history of Darbar Sahib. Hear stories about the Sikh gurus. Visit Darshani Deori and Akal Takht.

Savour a drink from the sacred waters at Har Ki Pauri and the langar from the world’s biggest kitchen! Learn Guru Nanak’s eternal message of equality, love, and service. Told through interesting stories with captivating illustrations, this new series introduces listeners to the history of different faiths and their associated monuments.


Amma, Take me to Shirdi by Bhakti Mathur
Amma, Take me to Shirdi || Bhakti Mathur


Amma, Take Me to Shirdi

By Bhakti Mathur

Join Amma and her boys as they travel to Shirdi, home to one of India’s most celebrated saints – Sai Baba. Hear the story of one of the most loved and revered mystics. Walk around the neem tree that gave him shelter. Relish a few moments in Dwarka Mai, the dilapidated mosque that became his home. Visit Dhuni Mai, the ever-burning fire Sai Baba had lit, and receive his blessings.

Let Amma take you on a journey to witness the life of this unique saint who taught by example, compassion, and kindness, and who, for a century, has been drawing millions of adoring devotees every year. Told through interesting stories with captivating illustrations, this book brings alive an important place of worship in an engaging and non-preachy way.


 Which book are you going to make your kids listen to next?

Discover India: Four things your little ones should know about Odisha

Mishki and Pushka have never seen a place as amazing as Earth. They are here from their home planet, Zoomba! Join them as they travel across India with Daadu Dolma, the sweet old man they meet.
Mishi is in a hurry to visit the next state. “Where are we going this time?” she asks Daadu Dolma, jumping up and down. Daadu tells her that the three of them are off to visit a beautiful state that is historical and very interesting and also has yummy food. They’re on their way to Odisha!
Here are four things they learn there.

That must mean there were dinosaurs and other pre-historic beasts roaming this region at one time. But rocks are not all it has. There are ridges and plateaus that have been created by soil from rivers and sand blown in by the wind.

It even supports many fishermen, who make their living through this lake.

A tribe called the Juangs have the most organized system. In the centre of this community’s village is the largest hut. It has walls on three sides and is open in the front. The walls are decorated with patterns.

There are Pattachitra artists and pipli art. Weaving is popular here and they have names like khandua, saktapda, bomkai and tarabali. Kansaris are the artists who create wonderful brass pieces.

Just Before We Set Off For Earth — 'Earthward Bound'

As one recovers from the heavy hearts left behind after a brilliant week of Durga Puja fun and festivities, here’s a little throwback with a short story, ‘Earthward Bound’, by writer Nayanika Mahtani, on what happens in Goddess Durga’s household just before she descends on earth with her children, ushering in a joyful autumn!
‘Come on kids, get ready – we’re off on a little journey,’ said Goddess Durga. Her four children Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartikeya and Ganesha were busy having a snowball fight in the mountains of Kailash.
‘Where are we headed, Ma?’ asked Ganesha.
‘To Earth of course, silly!’ said Saraswati.
‘Have you forgotten – we go every year when Ma is invited by her devotees?’ said Lakshmi.
‘I knew that – obvio!’ mumbled Ganesha.
‘Yup, he would never forget the sweets at Puja,’ piped in Kartikeya.
‘Could you four please stop squabbling – we need to get there in time!’ said Ma Durga. ‘Oh, quick check – have I taken everything?’
‘Hmm, let’s see Ma,’ said Saraswati. ‘Have you got Vishnu’s discus, Shiva’s trident, Varuna’s conch and noose, Agni’s flaming dart, Vayu’s bow, Surya’s quiver full of arrows, Yama’s sword and shield, Vishwakarma’s axe and armour and Indra’s thunderbolt?’
‘Whoa! That’s quite a handful – good thing you have so many hands, Ma!’ said Ganesha. ‘How come you get to keep all the weapons that the Gods gave you to fight Mahishasur – even though he is now long dead?’
‘Well, Mahishasur may be dead but evil lives on, Ganesha – and I always need to be ready to fight evil,’ replied Ma Durga.
‘Will we be riding on the lion given to you by Himavat?’ asked Lakshmi.
‘Of course!’ said Ma Durga. ‘Now as you know the Devi Paksha rituals start from Mahalaya, when we begin our journey to Earth. Who remembers what Mahalaya means?’
‘Ahem, I do!’ said Kartikeya, casting a sideways glance at Ganesha. ‘“Maha” means ‘big’, and “laya”, means ‘destruction’. It refers to the colossal war between the Devtas, Rishis and Asuras – where many Devtas and Rishis died at the hands of the Asuras. People on Earth consider Devtas and Rishis to be their forefathers. That’s why the ritual of Tarpan or Shraddh happens on Mahalaya, when prayers are offered in remembrance.’
‘Bah! Such a show-off!’ muttered Ganesha, whose mind was now feasting on the soon-to-be-had sandesh and laddoos.
‘Though the actual Puja starts from the sixth day, the Shashthi, when we five arrive on Earth,’ added Saraswati.
‘That’s right,’ said Ma Durga. ‘It begins with Bodhan, which marks the moment when I was given all the divine arms to rid the Earth of Mahishasur’s tyranny. On Shashti, my face is uncovered – to show that I have arrived on Earth. The next day is Saptami and it starts with a ritual called “Kola Bou”.’
“Ha ha! Kola Bou’s your wife, Ganesha!’ teased Lakshmi. ‘Such a pretty banana tree stalk, bathed and draped in a white sari with a red border and placed by your side!’
‘Tsk, don’t make him blush, Lakshmi!’ chided Ma Durga. ‘Actually it is not just a banana stalk that is bathed; nine plants are placed by my Ganesha after the bathing rituals. It’s called “Nabapatrika” puja – and these nine plants represent the nine forms of Shakti, of which you are one too, my Lakshmi.’
‘I feel a bit sidelined, to be honest,’ said Saraswati.
‘Come on! You get a day all to yourself to be worshipped,’ said Kartikeya.
‘Well, you get a day like that too, Kartikeya’ said Ma Durga. ‘Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked, kids! So then follows Ashtami which is considered the most auspicious day of Durga Puja – with its most significant ritual being the Sandhi Puja.’
‘Let me elaborate,’ said Kartikeya with a flourish. ‘Sandhikshan, when Sandhi Puja is done, falls between the last 24 minutes of Ashtami and the first 24 minutes of Navami. This is the exact time when the Asuras Chanda and Munda were slain by Ma.’
‘It for this reason I am also called Chamunda,’ said Ma Durga.
‘Aarrgh! Why doesn’t our family keep just one name for each of us?’ asked Ganesha. ‘I have such a hard time keeping track of all my names. It’s so tricky figuring out when I’m being called!’
Ma Durga smiled and carried on. ‘Then comes Dashami or Vijaya Dashami which is the day I killed Mahishasura – and freed the Earth of his torments. Vijaya Dashami is the last day of the puja.’
‘And it’s also when Ma’s idol is taken to a water body and immersed, denoting her journey back to Kailash,’ said Saraswati.
‘That’s right! Well done, all of you!’ said Ma Durga. ‘Now hold on tight – we’re about to take off!’
‘Have a safe journey, family,’ boomed a deep voice in the background. He watched Ma Durga and the children fly earthwards. Lord Shiva closed his eyes. ‘Ah! Now for some peace and quiet, finally.’
Would you like to look up what each of the weapons of Goddess Durga signifies? Hindu mythology is such a treasure trove – there’s always more than what meets the eye. Look for these treasures – you won’t be disappointed!
Note: Ganesha was of course just pretending to not know all the answers in this story, to rile his Mum and siblings. He in fact is quite the know-it-all. Though he can get distracted when sweets are involved. ☺
Nayanika Mahtani is a copywriter by day and a storyteller by night. She lives in London with her husband, two daughters and their two goldfish named Sushi and Fishfinger. Nayanika has published two books with Puffin, ‘Ambushed’ and ‘The Gory Story of Genghis Khan’.

5 Gems from the Quran that you MUST read!

Bestselling author Anita Nair is out with her new book – the first ever collection of stories from the Quran. It features endearing characters like Muezza, the prophet’s favourite cat and Baby Jaan, a djinn in the form of a baby camel. The book has gorgeous artwork which makes it a must to show off on your shelves.
Our interest was captured from the beginning where a friendship is struck as Baby Jaan listens to Muezza’s mesmerizing tales. We couldn’t keep the enlightening nuggets of the Islamic lore all to ourselves so here are a few gems to take you through the coming week.
Has it grabbed your attention yet? Look no further, get your copy of this beautiful book here:
Anita Nair is a widely acclaimed novelist and the recipient of the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award, 2012. Muezza and Baby Jaan is her latest book.

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