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The Newest Children’s Books for a Rainy July!

July brings a fantastic collection of new children’s books to spark imaginations and delight young readers. From magical folk tales to stories of curiosity and courage, these June releases are perfect for kids to enjoy during the rainy season. Let the reading fun begin!




The Adventures of Ed-a-Mamma: Ed Finds a Home
The Adventures of Ed-a-Mamma: Ed Finds a Home || Alia Bhatt

Ed is a little dog without a home but a heart full of hope. Alia is a little girl with a heart full of love and a secret superpower. When Ed meets Alia, she becomes his safe place. In turn, he inspires her to be the best version of herself.

Ed Finds a Home celebrates ordinary kindnesses and the hero inside each one of us.
Join Alia and Ed on all their exciting adventures in this new picture-book series, The Adventures of Ed-a-Mamma.




How and Why Tales
How and Why Tales || Geeta Ramanujam

Why do nightingales sing at night?
How did the Moon get its craters?
Why did the Great Bear become a constellation?

Do you ever wonder about these questions? If you find yourself intrigued by the universe, then this book of folk tales is for you!

Delight in these richly illustrated stories as you explore the magical mysteries of nature and traverse distant lands, such as the Pamir Knot, the Ottoman Empire in Turkey and the icy expanse of Greenland.

Curated by Geeta Ramanujam, these enchanting tales not only draw from diverse traditions but also feature her own unique stories. An imaginative exploration, this collection of eighteen tales invites you to discover folk tales and trivia from around the world.


Petu Pumpkin Freedom Fighter
Petu Pumpkin Freedom Fighter || Arundhati Venkatesh

‘The future depends on what you do today.’ –Mahatma Gandhi

When games periods are cancelled and Petu and his friends unearth a sinister conspiracy, there is only one thing to be done–to seek inspiration from the founders of our nation, and protest.

But the path to freedom and justice is not a straight and narrow one. Many unexpected challenges crop up, including malicious media, the real-estate mafia, credit-stealing politicians and scary security guards.

Will the Awesome Fivesome expose the land-grabbers and save their playground? Will justice prevail?


The Book of Emperors
The Book of Emperors || Ashwitha Jayakumar

A little over five hundred years ago, a boy sat in a garden, waiting for his story to begin. His name was Babur, and he would soon found an empire that astonished the world.

For three hundred years, Babur’s sons and grandsons, alongside their mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters, would wage wars, make art and music, eat a delicious fruit or two, and both shape and be shaped by the land they made their home.

History would call them the Mughals. The Book of Emperors tells their stories.

Brighten Up Your Summer With these Children’s Books!

Get ready to soak up the summer sun with some fantastic new children’s books hitting the shelves this month! From heartwarming friendships to exciting adventures, these stories are sure to make your summer days extra special. So find a cozy spot, and let the reading adventures begin!


Puppy Trouble (Hook Book)
Puppy Trouble (Hook Book) || Bijal Vachharajani

Amit wants a puppy. But when a pokey-bitey-chewy-peeing pup turns up, he is not sure he wants a dog any more . . .


Maithili and the Minotaur
Maithili and the Minotaur || C.G. Salamander, Rajiv Eipe

Armed with her mother’s map, Maithili is out to find the truth behind her disappearance. But haunted by ominous visions of a strange boy, Maithili might just lead her friends into the clutches of something sinister.

Will Maithili, Minotaur and their friends find what they’re looking for? Or will they be stuck in the cave of a thousand eyes forever?


Hold On to Your Dreams
Hold On to Your Dreams || Ruskin Bond

On the eve of his ninetieth birthday, literary legend Ruskin Bond brings to readers a heartfelt letter capturing his most cherished memories and experiences. Penning his thoughts with sincerity and grace, the writer reflects upon love, loss, friendship, frailties, solitude and companionship—the bittersweet experience of human existence.

Reminiscing tales of his boyhood and youth, the author urges us to learn from mistakes, embrace empathy and hold on to our dreams through life’s vicissitudes. Complemented with poignant art, this book is a timeless collection of learnings on the journey called life.

Living with Adi
Living with Adi || Zarin Virji

Adi Krishnan is different!
He is a bright student, who loves to read, and remembers everything down to the smallest details—yet he has no friends. His unusual view of things makes his classmates and teachers regard him as a weirdo.
Will the bullying ever end? Will people accept him as he is? Will he gain the respect of others, especially his dad?
Award-winning author Zarin Virji creates the extraordinary journey of an ordinary boy, narrated by him, his family, classmates and a teacher. And how, despite the challenges, living with Adi is, in fact, unexpected, delightful and funny.

Grow Your Love for Reading with these April Books!

Step into a world of wonder and imagination with our latest April books for children. From understanding the importance of mental health to discovering secret gardens and thrilling adventures, there’s something for every young reader. Dive in!

Sad-Glad || Sidhartha Mallya

One morning, Sid wakes up feeling different. He can’t quite put his finger on why. The day seems gloomy, and Sid doesn’t feel like getting out of bed.

Luckily, Duke, Sid’s best buddy, senses that Sid needs comforting. He gently encourages Sid to accept all the different emotions he is feeling.

A helpful companion for a dull day, this assuring picture book is filled with many feelings and thoughts that offer a lot of hope!


The Boy Who Built a Secret Garden
The Boy Who Built a Secret Garden || Lavanya Karthik

Before Nek Chand built his iconic garden, he was a boy with a dream—of home.


Mum in a Mess
Mum in a Mess || Sanjana Kapur

When Mum breaks a coffee jar, it does not seem like a big deal. But then, Mum starts acting very strangely. What is Vishi to do?


The Egghead Detective Agency 2
The Egghead Detective Agency 2 || Pika Nani

• Why is there a dinosaur bone in the garden?
• Who is sneaking comics out of the bookstore?
• Could there really be another ghost in the neighbourhood?

Ever since Egghead, the friendly ghost detective, showed up at Tam and Ant’s home, life has been one big adventure. With their little buddhis and a dose of Egghead’s ghostly powers, Tam and Ant have cracked case after case in their beloved apartment complex, Emerald Gardens.

But now, Egghead and his magical armchair have gone missing! Can Tam and Ant find their friend before it’s too late? Join the sisters in their ‘egg-ceptional’ quest that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

What’s more, YOU can help the detectives crack the cases with Solve It Yourself (SIY) clues, picture puzzles, brain-teasers and more in this 5-in-1 chapter book!



The Padmas
The Padmas || Neha J Hiranandani

Step into the world of the Padma Awards—one of India’s highest civilian honours. Announced on the eve of Republic Day every year, the awards recognize the achievements of people who have fought to make a difference in the world.

This book features fifty incredible people—artists, scientists, freedom fighters, social workers, sports stars and many others from different walks of life—who have proven that determination, perseverance and courage are the only ingredients needed to accomplish remarkable things.

Celebrating seventy years of the Padma Awards, this beautifully illustrated book will inspire young readers to dream big and persevere against all odds.

Jumpstart January with these Children’s Books

Hey young readers! Ready to kick off the New Year with a blast of stories and adventures? Our special January collection is here to make 2024 your best year of reading yet. Let’s dive into a world of fun and imagination together – who’s in for the ride?

The Later Adventures of Hanuman
The Later Adventures of Hanuman || Amit Majmudar

In this collection of forty exciting tales, read how Hanuman, the monkey-god, vanquishes the thousand-headed Ahiravana, defeats a giant wasp-demoness, races with Garuda to see who is the fastest and has many other escapades.

Action-packed and fast-paced, these reimagined stories of chiranjeevi Hanuman’s later adventures are magical, heart-warming and bittersweet. Continuing the traditional folk practice of inventing adventures for Hanuman, Amit Majmudar takes us along on the monkey-god’s long and lonely, and rollickingly eventful, immortality.


Feathers, Fools and Farts
Feathers, Fools and Farts || L. Somi Roy, Thangjam Hindustani Devi

Be warned.

These ten wacky stories in Feathers, Fools, and Farts: Manipuri Folktales Retold from Manipur, perched on India’s border with Myanmar, are not for scaredy-cats.

Nor for those of you who do not enjoy a hearty laugh or a good cry. And if you try to copy the foolishness of the characters, animal and human, in these folktales, you just might turn into a tiger, get stung by a swarm of bees, or even get poo’ed on.

If, however, you believe in strange romances, admire bravery, and like magic and sorcery, this book is for you, wherever you are.



The Talking Book
The Talking Book || L. Somi Roy, Thangjam Hindustani Devi


The story of communication begins in prehistoric times, gallops through the dark arts, untranslatable words and languages brought back from the dead, and arrives in the age of AI. Along the way, we meet outstanding characters—the one-word man, the 400-word monkey and the million-word computer—who play their part in the development of language.

Every tale in this book holds a clue to the gigantic puzzle of the evolution of language that has hypnotized brilliant minds over time. Handprints of not-quite-humans on ancient cave walls, secrets buried in ash from a seven-year-long winter, forbidden experiments by kings on babies and even a rogue gene hiding in your DNA—how do they all piece together?

WARNING: Enjoy the rollercoaster ride of language, hilarious histories and crazy quizzes, but ignore the wise-cracking dog who will insist he wrote this book.


Rocket Science for Smartypants
Rocket Science for Smartypants || Anushka Ravishankar

Are you a Smartypants?
Do you ask a lot of questions? Like—
What makes a rocket take off?
What is a satellite?
Can you take off like a rocket if you eat a lot of beans?
If you do, then you just might find the answers in this book.
It has gorgeous pictures, simple explanations and a very curious cat!

Cell Theory for Smartypants
Cell Theory for Smartypants || Anushka Ravishankar

Are you a Smartypants?
Do you ask a lot of questions? Like—
Can you see an animal cell?
Does a Golgi body need exercise?
How many cells does a cat have?
If you do, then you just might find the answers in this book.
It has gorgeous pictures, simple explanations and a very curious cat!


Set Theory for Smartypants
Set Theory for Smartypants || Anushka Ravishankar

Are you a Smartypants?
Do you ask a lot of questions? Like—
Can a set have a bicycle and a banana?
Can there be a set with nothing in it?
Do cats like tuna or chicken?
If you do, then you just might find the answers in this book.
It has gorgeous pictures, simple explanations and a very curious cat!



Grandma's Bag of Stories
Grandma’s Bag of Stories || Sudha Murty

This beloved and bestselling collection of stories by India’s favourite author, Sudha Murty, has sold countless number of copies and entertained generations of children in the subcontinent. Featuring gorgeous illustrations and a new introduction by the author, this special keepsake edition brings to book lovers an old favourite in a stunning new look.

Jingle All the Way with These Children’s Books

Discover the magic of December through the eyes of your little ones with our latest children’s books! Dive into enchanting stories that will make them giggle, learn, and dream. Join us in exploring the newest releases that are sure to fill your family time with joy and wonder!


The Chhau Champ (hOle Book)
The Chhau Champ (hOle Book) || Vibha Batra

Shubha wants to learn Chhau. But her father wants to only teach her brother Shayon. How will Shubha persuade him that she too deserves a chance?

The Henna Start-up
The Henna Start-up || Andaleeb Wajid

Abir Maqsood is angry.

She has things to do: a career to carve, money to earn, and, in the small stuff, a dining table to fix. But there are many obstacles in the way: lack of money, her parents’ over-protective attitude, and a most annoying distraction in class called Arsalan.

When her mother is not paid her dues for her henna service, Abir resolves to help her by creating a henna app. Her college is also running a programme for student start-ups so things look most fortuitous. But the path to getting funding is littered with more thorns than roses.

As Abir navigates through college, friendships and social pressures with determination, will she find the freedom that she is truly looking for?

Best Indian Stories for Children
Best Indian Stories for Children || R K Narayan, Anita Desai, Ruskin Bond, Sudha Murty (Ed.)

Enjoy reading masterfully crafted stories for children by four all-time favourite authors. Dive into extraordinary landscapes, meet evergreen characters and get immersed in the magic of these classic tales that is sure to spark a love for reading and literature!

The Perfect November Gifts for Your Little One!

November is here, and it’s time to unwrap the gift of enchanting stories for kids! Dive into a world of whimsy, wonder, and daring quests with these new children’s releases. #GiftAPenguin book to your little one and let the storytelling magic begin!


The Misadventures of a Diamond Thief
The Misadventures of a Diamond Thief || Lubaina Bandukwala

Sahabzada Hawa Singh Rafu Chakkar (Rafu), a descendant of the legendary Time-Travelling, Thieving Djinns, wants to abandon the family tradition of stealing jewels to pursue his true passion—cooking. However, when the king of djinns tasks him with a mission to steal the Shah-i-Noor diamond in the newly built city of Haiderabad, Rafu reluctantly accepts. His secret agenda? The diamond is his ticket to his dream.

With only two weeks to get the coveted gem, Rafu finds himself entangled in a web of cunning courtiers, mysterious thieves and a most annoying horse, all while the tantalizing aroma of pulavs and kebabs constantly distracts him. Racing against the clock, Rafu’s adventure unfurls as he strives to turn his dream into reality. How far will he go?

How the Bamboo Got its Bounty
How the Bamboo Got its Bounty || Sudha Murty

In a lush, green forest, a shy, unassuming tree is presented with a reward by the forest queen. This makes
all the forest inhabitants curious . . .

India’s favourite storyteller brings to us the story of the humble bamboo that endures and selflessly gives.
A charming ode to our bountiful forests and trees, their resilience and the abundant gifts they bestow upon us, this gorgeous chapter book is the ideal introduction to the world of Sudha Murty.


Starry Starry Night
Starry Starry Night || Nandita Basu

After Kunal’s mother dies, he is sent off to a boarding school in the hills. Till he has a hostel room, he stays with Tara, his father’s cousin, who teaches a special music programme in the school.
Teaching music helped Tara after her best friend died—that, and perhaps the company of the enigmatic figure known as Death, whom she sees everywhere.
Tara and Kunal must try to live together, their lives entwined by their separate losses—which neither is comfortable talking about.
This is a tale of love and loss, of the healing and illuminating power of friendship, art and music.


A Children's History of India in 100 objects
A Children’s History of India in 100 Objects || Devika Cariapa

A stone-age hand axe, an enchantingly sculpted yakshi, the Koh-i-Noor diamond, and even an HMT watch—can these things have anything in common?
Yes, they can!
Each of these has been conceived by the human mind and shaped by the human hand. Each object has a voice, not just of rulers and conquerors, but also of the common people. Most significant of all, each carries stories of how communities and identities were built on the Indian subcontinent.
Spanning the entirety of Indian history, from prehistoric to contemporary times, the 100 objects and artefacts chronicled in this book have shaped our present. Learn about the people who created these amazing objects, their way of life and culture, and how these objects influenced our world.
Embellished with vibrant illustrations, this engaging book will fire the imagination of readers and make them look at our incredible material remains in a new light while helping them understand our diverse pasts.

Spin Through September with these Children’s Books!

Step into September with a bundle of brand-new children’s books! Join Biji in the kitchen, tag along with Anna and Kichu through their big fight, and help Ira ensure Mahalaxmi’s unforgettable trip to Mysore. These stories are perfect for young readers, full of fun and excitement!


Biji's In The Kitchen
Biji’s In The Kitchen || Natasha Sharma

Slimy bhindi curry, anyone? Biji is freestyle and fun. But when she is in the kitchen, everyone, beware!


The Big Bad Fight
The Big Bad Fight || Yamini Vijayan

Best friends Anna and Kichu are collectors of incredible things. But one day, they have a nasty fight. Will things ever be the same again?


Mahalaxmi Will Go to Mysore
Mahalaxmi Will Go to Mysore || Niyatee Sharma

Ira’s new friend Mahalaxmi is different from everyone else in the class. When Mahalaxmi can’t come on the class trip to Mysore, Ira knows she has to find a way. But will Mahalaxmi let her classmates help her?


June Reads: Recommended Books for Children

Get ready for a magical journey into the world of children’s literature with our selection of June releases! From delightful picture books that bring stories to life, to captivating chapter books and sparkling illustrations, these tales will take kids and parents alike on literary escapades. Join us as we unveil stories that will inspire laughter, spark curiosity and create cherished memories.

My First Sudha Murthy Collection: A Set of Four Chapter Books
My First Sudha Murthy Collection: A Set of Four Chapter Books || Sudha Murthy

From India’s favourite writer comes a curated collection of 4 heartwarming stories packaged as charming chapter books. Each book offers a splendid introduction to Sudha Murty’s world through captivating illustrations, endearing characters and deliciously written tales in her unique style.

Magical, beautiful and full of wonder this boxset is a perfect gift for beginners.


Bipathu and Very Big Dream
Bipathu and Very Big Dream || Anita Nair

When school reopens in the village of Kaikurussi after the pandemic lockdown, nine-year-old Bipathu makes new friends-Madama, a blind lady who has moved to the village, Maash, a neighbour, Rahul, a boy who loves football as much as she does, and Duggu, a rescued puppy. When Madama gifts Bipathu’s brother Saad, a special needs child, a pair of braces, Bipathu starts believing in the power of the universe. So, when Suleiman, the class bully, roughs up Rahul to prevent him from training for the football match selections, Bipathu looks to the universe for help.

The Girl Who Loved To Run: P.T. Usha
The Girl Who Loved To Run: P.T. Usha || Lavanya Karthik


Quick as a bird, fast as a train-there she goes! This is the story of P.T. Usha, before she became a legend in Indian sports.


The Paper Plane Flew
The Paper Plane Flew || Bharti Singh

One afternoon, Mithi and her father make a paper aeroplane and send it into the sky. How far it will travel?


Simi Stands Tall
Simi Stands Tall || Arti Sonthalia


Simi has to join a new school in a new city. But the three-time academic award winner of Bhaarti Bhavan is suddenly a nobody at Newton International School. She discovers that a boy named Parth, who dresses in shabby clothes and torn shoes, is much smarter than her. The popular girl, Alisa, has a mean streak. Simi’s only confidant is her pet goldfish, Goldie, as she navigates annoying older siblings and her mother’s chemotherapy.
With so many changes in her life, will Simi learn to choose her human friends wisely, stand up tall for herself and defend her real friends?

Don’t miss out on the joy and wonder that await in our June collection!

May Marvels: Recommended Books for Children

As avid readers and parents ourselves, we understand the importance of finding engaging and age-appropriate books that will inspire a lifelong love for reading in young minds. So, check out this list of recommended books for your children that range from picture books to middle-grade novels.


Zen by Shabnam Minwalla

Zen || Shabnam Minwalla

In 1935, Zainab Essanji wants to break out of her restricted life and be part of the independence movement. But it seems that all she is destined to do is embroider and wait to get married.

In 2019, Zainab Currimji, class XI student, is unhappy at getting drawn into debates and controversies which she would rather not be part of. But in India of 2019, how can one not be drawn into these?

In this deeply addictive, sweeping book about the life and times of the two Zainabs, is captured a short history of Mumbai, and of India. Of what we were and what we have become.

Strangus Derangus & Other Adventures of Little Shambu (Book 1) by Reena Ittyerah Puri

Strangus Derangus & Other Adventures of Little Shambu (Book 1)
Strangus Derangus & Other Adventures of Little Shambu (Book 1) || Reena Ittyerah Puri

What would you say of a boy who loves rushing headlong into trouble?

That’s what Little Shambu does with his dog, the loyal Dum Dum, in tow. But as his best friend, Shanti, would tell you, it always leads him into exciting adventures involving lost cats, mysterious carrot thieves, a strange and exotic creature and stolen pandas.

Escape into the fantastic world of Little Shambu with these brand-new adventures of the beloved character from TINKLE.

In the Bear’s Den & More Adventures of Little Shambu (Book 2) by Reena Ittyerah Puri

In the Bear’s Den & More Adventures of Little Shambu (Book 2)
In the Bear’s Den & More Adventures of Little Shambu (Book 2) || Reena Ittyerah Puri

What would you say of a boy who continues to find himself in sticky situations?

That’s what Little Shambu does with his dog, the loyal Dum Dum, in tow. But as his best friend, Shanti, would tell you, it always leads him into exciting adventures involving grouchy bears, rattling cattle, slouchy snakes and runaway elephants.

Escape into the fantastic world of Little Shambu with these brand-new adventures of the beloved character from TINKLE.

The Boy Who Wanted to Fly: JRD Tata (Dreamers Series) by Lavanya Karthik

The Boy Who Wanted to Fly: JRD Tata
The Boy Who Wanted to Fly: JRD Tata || Lavanya Karthik

Before Jeh started India’s first airline and changed the way the nation travelled, he was a boy who dreamt of flying.

Sleepytime Tales with Vicky Voyager by Sonia Mehta

Sleepytime Tales with Vicky Voyager
Sleepytime Tales with Vicky Voyager || Sonia Mehta

The Series: It’s bedtime! Time to settle down, get cosy and read some stories-with magical moments, oodles of entertainment and a little bit of learning. Meet some happy characters who love to know about . . . well, everything! Join them as they explore the world and discover fun things along the way.

The Book: Vicky Voyager is a history buff and time-traveller, who has invented a top-secret time machine. With his best friends Lucky and Lulu, Vicky visits different historical eras in this trusty machine. The trio gets to meet Cleopatra, Alexander and other famous historical figures while having some rollicking adventures together!

Sleepytime Tales with Eppy Explorer by Sonia Mehta

Sleepytime Tales with Eppy Explorer
Sleepytime Tales with Eppy Explorer

Eppy Explorer is an intrepid world traveller, who loves to visit new countries and learn more about people and places. With her pet ginger cat, Tango, she goes on hair-raising adventures across the fjords of Norway, the savanna of Africa, the volcanoes of Japan and even the Jordanian desert. Eppy meets some interesting new friends while learning about fascinating geographical phenomena!

Truck Call for Ajju by Anjana Nagabhushana

Truck Call for Ajju
Truck Call for Ajju || Anjana Nagabhushana

Hello! Can you hear me?

Between working out countable and uncountable nouns with his best friend Karthik, learning to be a budding guitarist with his music teacher Miss Alva, completing his homework, and getting into trouble with his parents for building sugar-cube igloos with his Kini Maasi, Ajju was living the life of a normal eight-year-old.
And it was all going great until a baby elephant walked into his life. Molly was an eight-month-old elephant in distant Zimbabwe. What could the connection between them possibly be?

All-time Favourite Nature Stories by Ruskin Bond

All-time Favourite Nature Stories
All-time Favourite Nature Stories || Ruskin Bond

‘I am lucky to be up here on this mountain, where the wind still hums in the deodars, the horse chestnuts fall in the autumn and the flycatchers flit among the ancient oaks.’

All-time Favourite Nature Stories is a collection of twenty-five soulful and timeless tales about nature, featuring endearing characters and stunning illustrations.

From ‘The Cherry Tree’ to ‘Grandfather’s Feathered Foes’, each story is replete with a different sensorial experience-rustling leaf, still forests, burbling streams, chirping birds, picturesque landscapes and so much more!

Curated by Ruskin Bond, this book celebrates the magnificence of nature and his deep, abiding love for it.

The World of Butterfingers: Adventure in Texas and Other Stories by Khyrunnisa A.

The World of Butterfingers: Adventure in Texas and Other Stories
The World of Butterfingers: Adventure in Texas and Other Stories || Khyrunnisa A.

Chaotic Butterfingers, aka Amar Kishen, and his misadventures return in this collection of 3-in-1 comics. From travelling to Texas to solving a shoe mystery to getting into trouble and then saving the day–Butterfingers does it all!

Brand new baby shoes in a pile of garbage invite Amar and his friends to unravel the mystery of the missing baby.
A trip to Texas and Amar’s clumsiness take a rather unexpected turn to dizzying new heights!
Disaster strikes when Amar is tasked to run a marathon with his school principal leaving everyone with a case of giggles.

So, drop everything and jump into this book . . . because where there’s Butterfingers, there’s bound to be fun, thrills and, of course, spills.

The Library of hOles (New Box Set with 33 hOle Books!)

The Library of hOles
The Library of hOles

Thousands of Indian kids have jumped into reading with a Duckbill hOle book!
Get all 33 books in the series in this unique Library of hOles, and make your child fall in love with books and stories. Recognizable by the hOle at the top corner of each book, these chapter books are for kids learning to read independently. They are full of fun stories, gorgeous illustrations and hOles!

Six 10s: Sixty Indian Stories You May Not Have Heard Before

Six 10s: Sixty Indian Stories You May Not Have Heard Before
Six 10s: Sixty Indian Stories You May Not Have Heard Before

There are so many things about India we learn and so many fascinating things that are left to find out. This set deals with six such subjects-ranging from history, environment and art to people who have transformed lives in many ways. Sixty such enthralling and incredible stories are contained in this box that is sure to delight and spark the curiosity of young readers.

Read the books to find out about

  • Monarchs whose amazing stories you may not know
  • Animals that you may never again see in the wild
  • Heroes who help people live with dignity
  • Champions who are fighting to save the planet
  • Art mysteries that have never been solved
  • Women who were the first to do what they did

The Adventures of Feluda (Special Birthday Edition; Collector’s Edition Box Set) by Satyajit Ray

The Adventures of Feluda
The Adventures of Feluda || Satyajit Ray

Dive into twelve timeless classic whodunnits by iconic storyteller Satyajit Ray, featuring the legendary detective, Feluda. Join the private investigator as he plunges into seemingly impossible and strange cases accompanied by his sharp and curious nephew, Topse, and the comically anxious novelist, Jatayu.

1. THE EMPEROR’S RING: Feluda is on holiday in Lucknow when a priceless Mughal ring is stolen.

2. THE ROYAL BENGAL MYSTERY: A bloodthirsty tiger is suspiciously killing off people related to an ancestral treasure.

3. THE HOUSE OF DEATH: The search for a scroll leads Feluda to a motley crew of characters, among whom lurks a dangerous killer.

4. TROUBLE IN GANGTOK: In the picturesque city of Gangtok, a businessman is murdered, and the list of suspects is long.

5. THE MYSTERY OF THE ELEPHANT GOD: In Varanasi, the theft of a valuable statuette of Ganesha leads Feluda to unmask a fake sadhu.

6. THE GOLDEN FORTRESS: Feluda sets out in search of a missing boy claiming to remember his previous life.

7. THE CURSE OF THE GODDESS: A stamp collection vanishes; some coded diaries are uncovered and the head of a family in Hazaribagh lies dead.

8. THE BANDITS OF BOMBAY: Soon after Jatayu hands over a package to a man in a red shirt, someone is murdered.

9. THE SECRET OF THE CEMETERY: Feluda chances upon an old grave that has been dug up at the Park Street cemetery.

10. A KILLER IN KAILASH: Feluda, Topse, and Jatayu try to prevent the smuggling of priceless sculptures out of India.

11. THE CRIMINALS IN KATHMANDU: A murder in Calcutta sets Feluda on a trail that leads him all the way to Kathmandu and the doorstep of his arch-nemesis, Maganlal Meghraj.

12. THE INCIDENT ON THE KALKA MAIL: When a man’s blue briefcase gets accidentally switched with someone else’s during a train ride, he enlists Feluda’s help to recover it.


Dum Dum to the Rescue and Yet More Adventures of Little Shambu (Book 3)

Dum Dum to the Rescue and Yet More Adventures of Little Shambu (Book 3)
Dum Dum to the Rescue and Yet More Adventures of Little Shambu (Book 3)

What would you say of a boy who gets into trouble over and over again?

That’s what Little Shambu does with his dog, the loyal Dum Dum, in tow. But as his best friend, Shanti, would tell you, it always leads him into exciting adventures involving homely chickens and a crafty fox, mischievous mice, moustached men and confusing encounters with aliens.

Escape into the fantastic world of Little Shambu with these brand-new adventures of the beloved character from TINKLE.

Storytime for your penguinster!

As the air fills with the sweet scent of flowers, gift your young penguinster these books to enhance the magical experience of spring. 


How Not to Get Wet in the Rain by Sunanda Kulkarni

Do you know how to stay dry when it rains? or how to make jewels out of brass? Or just distribute the five oranges evenly among the seven kids? There are solutions to all of these issues and more in this treasure trove of Indian folktales. A kingdom made up of wild animals, a peculiar mouse-girl, a fool who thinks gold coins are trash, a king who can’t stop coughing, a mystery man who pulls the emperor’s beard, and many other such odd and incredible characters are among those we encounter.

These simple parables of advice demonstrate how, with a little common sense and polite wit, any issue—no matter how strange or insurmountable—can be resolved.


Grabber by Jehan Zachary and Nirmal Pulickal

Grabber || Jehan Zachary and Nirmal Pulickal

An urban tale claims that the Black Taj Mahal, a grand tomb that was once as stunning and magnificent as its white twin, is buried in the sands of time. However, it concealed a sinister truth: the White Taj was constructed using 64 severed hands.

A queen from the former Mughal courts becomes friends with 12-year-old Nuru during the British period, hundreds of years later. Mumtaz makes random appearances and disappearances while issuing a prophetic warning. the resurgence of the pisacha, a macabre marriage of the 64 severed hands that constructed the White Taj Mahal.

Everyone’s demise is near, and the only way to stop this evil is to locate the legendary Black Taj Mahal.


Terminal 3 by Debasmita Dasgupta

Terminal 3: A Graphic Novel set in Kashmir
Terminal 3 || Debasmita Dasgupta

Khwab has persevered despite experiencing joy and emptiness, desire and grief, penance and serenity. She imagines that one day, existence will be a paradise. The tale of the common people attempting to live out their dreams in the Valley is told in Terminal 3: Breathing Against the Background of Conflict.


10 Indian Tribes and the Unique Lives They Lead by Nidhi Dugar Kundalia

10 Indian Tribes and the Unique Lives They Lead (The 10s Series)
10 Indian Tribes and the Unique Lives They Lead || Nidhi Dugar Kundalia

In this book, ten Indian tribes are described who have lived very distinct lives from the rest of India, sometimes even in the same physical locations. Rarely have their origins been communicated. Nidhi Dugar Kundalia explores the everyday routines, traditions, and difficulties of some of the numerous tribes that coexist in our nation. She also traces their historical development.


Puffin Lives: 10 Unforgettable Indians and their Remarkable Stories (Boxset)

Puffin Lives: 10 Unforgettable Indians and their Remarkable Stories (Boxset)
Puffin Lives: 10 Unforgettable Indians and their Remarkable Stories (Boxset)

The Puffin Lives series examines the professional and personal journeys of well-known Indians from a variety of disciplines. These biographies, written by authors like Sreelata Menon, Subhadra Sen Gupta, Devika Rangachari, and others, reproduce the lives and legacies of famous people. This collection of fascinating tales about trailblazers like Mahatma Gandhi, B.R. Ambedkar, Guru Nanak, and Mother Teresa are laced with anecdotes, obscure facts, and trivia.


Each book is an engrossing account of icons whose lives continue to influence every generation, making this a wonderful gift box for your penguinster.

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