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Brighten Up Your Summer With these Children’s Books!

Get ready to soak up the summer sun with some fantastic new children’s books hitting the shelves this month! From heartwarming friendships to exciting adventures, these stories are sure to make your summer days extra special. So find a cozy spot, and let the reading adventures begin!


Puppy Trouble (Hook Book)
Puppy Trouble (Hook Book) || Bijal Vachharajani

Amit wants a puppy. But when a pokey-bitey-chewy-peeing pup turns up, he is not sure he wants a dog any more . . .


Maithili and the Minotaur
Maithili and the Minotaur || C.G. Salamander, Rajiv Eipe

Armed with her mother’s map, Maithili is out to find the truth behind her disappearance. But haunted by ominous visions of a strange boy, Maithili might just lead her friends into the clutches of something sinister.

Will Maithili, Minotaur and their friends find what they’re looking for? Or will they be stuck in the cave of a thousand eyes forever?


Hold On to Your Dreams
Hold On to Your Dreams || Ruskin Bond

On the eve of his ninetieth birthday, literary legend Ruskin Bond brings to readers a heartfelt letter capturing his most cherished memories and experiences. Penning his thoughts with sincerity and grace, the writer reflects upon love, loss, friendship, frailties, solitude and companionship—the bittersweet experience of human existence.

Reminiscing tales of his boyhood and youth, the author urges us to learn from mistakes, embrace empathy and hold on to our dreams through life’s vicissitudes. Complemented with poignant art, this book is a timeless collection of learnings on the journey called life.

Living with Adi
Living with Adi || Zarin Virji

Adi Krishnan is different!
He is a bright student, who loves to read, and remembers everything down to the smallest details—yet he has no friends. His unusual view of things makes his classmates and teachers regard him as a weirdo.
Will the bullying ever end? Will people accept him as he is? Will he gain the respect of others, especially his dad?
Award-winning author Zarin Virji creates the extraordinary journey of an ordinary boy, narrated by him, his family, classmates and a teacher. And how, despite the challenges, living with Adi is, in fact, unexpected, delightful and funny.

Children’s new releases, November!

Winter is coming. It’s almost here. There’s a nip in the air and we know you might be fleshing out hoodies and sweaters for your younger ones. To keep them warmer, we present to you their new cuddle buddies, our November releases! Our November releases are some of our greatest because we’ve saved some of the best for some of the last ones of the year. So, here are our November releases for children’s literature, enjoyed best with hot chocolate!


Passepartout, Is that You? by Menaka Raman
Passepartout, Is that You? || Menaka Raman

Passepartout, Is that You? (Hook Book)

Menaka Raman

Illustrated by Jenna Jose

Thatha has asked Shyam to keep an eye on Passepartout, a rescued tortoise. But now Passepartout has disappeared. Where can Shyam and Kannamma find him?




The Girl Who Loved Words: Mahashweta Devi by Lavanya Karthik
The Girl Who Loved Words: Mahashweta Devi || Lavanya Karthik

The Girl Who Loved Words: Mahashweta Devi (Dreamers Series)

Lavanya Karthik

Before Mahasweta Devi became a writer and human rights activist, she was a girl with a love for words.







The Boy Who Made Magic: P C Sorcar by Lavanya Karthik
The Boy Who Made Magic: P C Sorcar || Lavanya Karthik

The Boy Who Made Magic: P C Sorcar (Dreamers Series)

Lavanya Karthik

Before the world knew of PC Sorcar as Jadusamrat-Emperor of Magic, he was a boy enchanted by a dream.






The District Cup by Mallika Ravikumar
The District Cup || Mallika Ravikumar

The District Cup

Mallika Ravikumar

Though talented, technically-sound and quick on their feet, the Mulsari Eagles is a football team that is bogged down by tremendous challenges. There’s the mid-fielder Prithvi who wants to play professional football against his middle-class father’s aspirations; the winger Kadambini who is fighting negative attitudes and stereotypes to find respect on the field; the centre-back Mangya who performs on the streets for a living… The struggles are endless.

Their coach Siraj wants the kids to have a fighting chance. But can he clash against the unbridled wave of corruption in Indian football, especially age fraud, for them to lift the District Cup? Can the Mulsari Eagles herald a new era in the once-glorious sport? Can they strike their way through to their goal?

In time for FIFA 2022, The District Cup is the perfect novel for all budding and veteran sportspeople!


That Big-Voiced Girl by Mamta Nainy
That Big-Voiced Girl || Mamta Nainy

That Big-Voiced Girl

Mamta Nainy

A unique biography that explores and celebrates the life of a popstar as a feisty little girl

Right from her childhood, Usha Uthup knew that music was her true calling.
She picked up songs from the radio and sang with her big, booming voice.

But when rejected during the audition for her school choir, Usha wondered if her big voice was any good. All she wanted was to sing. Does she find a way?


Looking for Inspiration by Mamta Nainy
Looking for Inspiration || Mamta Nainy

Looking for Inspiration

Mamta Nainy

A unique biography that explores and celebrates the life of a poet as a curious boy.

Right from his childhood, Rabindranath Tagore, also known as Robi, was attracted to nature. He found his poetic inspiration amidst the glassy waters of the pond, the leafy trees in his garden and the endless blue sky. But when Inspiration went missing one fine morning, Robi searched and searched all around the house. How would he write his poems again?




Sleepytime Tales with Nico Numero by Sonia Mehta
Sleepytime Tales with Nico Numero || Sonia Mehta

Sleepytime Tales with Nico Numero

Sonia Mehta

Bedtime stories with oodles of fun



So, head to your nearest bookstore or buy these wonderful books online and get those perfect winter companions for your little ones this November!


June’s moon is all about summer releases!

There’s nothing like sipping a freshly made lemonade, sitting cross-legged on the floor during your summer holidays and exploring stories through freshly printed books. Add our June releases to the mix and you have a power-packed day – full of action, humour, colours and more! There’s something in this list for every kind of young reader out there. Just browse and take your pick!


Gupshup Goes to Prison by Arefa Tehsin 

Gupshup Goes To Prison||Arefa Tehsin

Khalid’s cat Gupshup has run away to a prison. An open prison, it is called, but everyone knows that prisons are full of horrible, evil people. Or are they? And how on earth will Khalid get Gupshup home?

For readers 7+


The Great Escape by Menaka Raman

The Great Escape||Menaka Raman

Sachit is not a fan of Wunderkind Academy. And it is a beautiful day outside. Aided by new friends Hari and Kris, can he escape to freedom?

For readers 7+


The Egghead Detective Agency by Pika Nani & Jemma Jose

The Egghead Detective Agency||Pika Nani

Has your pool turned pink recently? Are kidnappers after your pet chicken? Is an old forest in danger?

Sisters and little investigators, Tam and Ant cannot believe their eyes when they meet ‘Egghead’ right in their living room! The soon discover that he is, in fact, the ghost of a famous detective who was quite sought-after in his time. The girls now enlist his services for their detective agency-after all, the friendly ghost does come with great abilities.

Together they must solve the strange incidents that keep happening at their beloved Emerald Gardens-the quiet little residential complex.

What’s more, YOU can help the detectives crack the cases with Solve It Yourself clues (SIY), picture puzzles, secret codes and more in this 5-in-1 chapter book!

For readers 7+


Akbar-Birbal & The Haunted Gurukul by Apeksha Rao & Doodlenerve

Akbar-Birbal and The Haunted Gurukul||Apeksha Rao

Just into his tenth year, life’s all good for the future Mughal king, Akbar. But when his bestie, Nassie, the royal elephant goes on a rampage, a dangerous plot to harm the prince is uncovered. With things taking a sinister turn, Akbar is packed away (very far indeed) to the Vishwamitra Gurukul to live undercover.

Life in a gurukul hostel is nothing like his life in the palace! For starters, there’s no halwa for dessert after dinner! And then there’s that ghost who keeps knocking on doors, calling to be let into the room. But when the spirit attacks a student, the young prince must act. Thankfully, he’s just met one of the greatest minds of the future and also his new best friend – Birbal.

For readers 7+


Little Jagadish and The Great Experiment by Anjali Joshi & Debasmita Dasgupta

When young Jagadish realizes that the world is full of unanswered questions, he sets out to explore and discover the world around him using the scientific method. Inspired by the life and work of Indian physicist, botanist, and author Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, this story encourages young readers to embrace their curiosity and unleash their inner scientist.

For readers 7+


Visual Dictionary: My Body 

Visual Dictionary: My Body

This colourful board book introduces your child to the human body: how muscles and bones work, what the brain and heart are responsible for, why different internal organs are needed and lots more.

Filled with short stories for little ones, interesting facts and large vibrant pictures, this book is a fun learning experience!

So get ready to seek and find, identify body parts and learn about them.

For readers 3+


Visual Dictionary: Animals


Visual Dictionary: Animals

This colourful board book introduces your child to the world of animals: herbivores and predators, birds and fishes, bugs and spiders, reptiles and lots more.

Filled with short stories for little ones, interesting facts and large vibrant pictures, this book is a fun learning experience!

So get ready to seek and find, identify animals and learn about them.

For readers 3+


Visual Dictionary: Vehicles

Visual Dictionary: Vehicles

This colourful board book introduces your child to different vehicles: rail, air and sea transport, as well as, special military and space equipment.

Filled with short stories for little ones, interesting facts and large vibrant pictures, this book is a fun learning experience!

So get ready to seek and find, identify vehicles and learn about them.

For readers 3+


The Big Book of ABCs

The Big Book of ABCs

Experience the alphabet like never before!

From apples, balloons and cats, to penguins, tulips and zoos, there are delightful, new words with every page turn!

Designed to make learning fun, The Big Book of ABCs introduces new words in vibrant settings that make each word even more memorable.

For readers 0-3 years


The Big Book of First Words

The Big Book of First Words

Get ready for a learning adventure!

In every home, at the park, at the beach, and even at the zoo, new words await.

Designed to make learning fun, The Big Book of First Words introduces new words in vibrant settings that make each word even more memorable.

For readers 0-3 years


The Big Book of Colours

The Big Book of Colours

The best adventures are colourful!

Are you ready to enter the big, beautiful world of colours? Explore places, things, animals, birds and more that bring colours to life.

Designed to make learning fun, The Big Book of Colours helps you decode the secrets of the colour wheel.

For readers 0-3 years


The Big Book of Counting to 100

The Big Book of Counting to 100

A counting adventure from 1 to 100!

Are you ready to explore the world through numbers? Down the lane, through the park and across the ocean, there’s so much to see and count!

Designed to make learning fun, The Big Book of Counting to 100 makes counting a truly exciting activity.

For readers 0-3 years


Which book is going to be your next summer read? 

What was it like to be a child during India’s freedom struggle?

From our school history textbooks to historical fiction and non-fiction, we have been exposed to the history of our country’s past quite often. But whether we were reading factual accounts of the people who fought for our country’s independence, or it was authors reimagining what it might have been to be alive in that reality, the one thing common amongst all these books was adult protagonists.

Nobody really thought what it would be like to be a child during the time when our country was on the brink of its freedom!  

Until Lubaina Bandukwala and Aditi Krishnakumar came up with similar ideas and wrote two beautiful books talking about exactly that!  


The Chowpatty Cooking Club by Lubaina Bandukwala
The Chowpatty Cooking Club || Lubaina Bandukwala


The Chowpatty Cooking Club 

Lubaina Bandukwala


With Mahatma Gandhi’s call to the British to Quit India, the city has become a hotbed of revolutionary activity-student protests, secret magazines and even an underground People’s Radio which broadcasts news that the British want concealed.Sakina and her friends Zenobia and Mehul desperately want to be part of this struggle for freedom. But there is little that they are permitted to do. But at least, they are trying to do something useful, while their mothers are only running a cooking club …





That Year at Manikoil 

Aditi Krishnakumar


While World War II rages in Europe and the Japanese army draws closer to India, Raji and her sisters are sent off with their mother to stay in Manikoil, her mother’s family village. But with her brother now a soldier in the British Indian Army and refugees fleeing from Malaya, Burma and other eastern countries back to India, Manikoil is no longer the peaceful haven it once was.  And while there is hope of Independence in the air, Raji is uncertain whether it will come to pass-and what it will truly mean for her and her family.


Pick up one of these books today and let your child step back into British India!

Introduce kids to their personal storyteller!

While some kids love to read, there are some who are yet to be introduced to the world of books. And for both kinds, Penguin brings something special- audiobooks!

Bring back the nostalgic habit of storytelling to kids with their own personal storyteller! Before you know it, your child would become a bibliophile and perhaps even a storyteller!


Here are some of our favourite audiobooks for you to choose from:


Grandparents' Bag of Stories by Sudha Murty
Grandparents’ Bag of Stories || Sudha Murty


Grandparents’ Bag of Stories

By Sudha Murty

It’s 2020, and children are stuck indoors as the novel coronavirus finds its way into India. A nationwide lockdown is announced, and amidst the growing crisis, Ajja and Ajji welcome their grandchildren and Kamlu Ajji into their house in Shiggaon.

From stitching masks, sharing household chores, preparing food for workers to losing themselves in timeless tales, the lockdown turns into a memorable time for the children as they enter the enchanting world of goddesses, kings, princesses, serpents, magical beanstalks, thieves, kingdoms, and palaces, among others. The myriad stories told by their grandparents become the biggest source of joy, making the children compassionate, worldly-wise and more resilient than ever.


Grandma's Bag of Stories by Sudha Murty
Grandma’s Bag of Stories || Sudha Murty


Grandma’s Bag of Stories

By Sudha Murty

Memories of a grandparent spinning tales around animals and mysterious characters have kept many of us rapt till date. Sudha Murty’s Grandma’s Bag of Stories is simply delightful. The story starts with Anand, Krishna, Raghu and Meena arriving at their grandparents’ house in Shiggaon. Overjoyed Ajji and Ajja (Grandmother and Grandfather in Kannada) get the house ready, while Ajji prepares delicious snacks for children. Finally, times comes when everyone gathers around Ajji, as she opens her big bag of stories. She tells stories of kings and cheats, princesses and onions, monkeys and mice and scorpions and hidden treasures.

This book is ideal for young children and those who are 5+ in age. Stories are accompanied morals. Lucid and simple language of the book make it thoroughly enjoyable.


Unfair by Rasil Ahuja
Unfair || Rasil Ahuja


Unfair by Rasil Ahuja

Auditions are on for the seventh-grade annual play. Lina sets her heart and sights on the lead role, but the drama teacher seems to think Lina isn’t the right shade for the part. All Lina wants is a fair chance to try out for the role.

Meher finds math far more interesting, and less dramatic, than Macbeth. When her extroverted BFF Lina suddenly becomes distraught and withdrawn, Meher tries to figure out what she may have done wrong. Will their friendship fade, or will Meher find a solution to this problem?



Nava Durga by Nalini Ramachandran
Nava Durga || Nalini Ramachandran


Nava Durga by Nalini Ramachandran

Durga, as this powerful warrior-goddess is known,
Has nine special forms – each one unique, not just a clone.
Shailaputri, Brahmacharini and Chandraghanta, Kushmanda and Skandamata,
Katyayani and Kaalratri,
Maha Gauri and Siddhidatri…
They are the Nava Durga,
Worshipped during Navaratri,
The festival of nine nights and nine days
That’s celebrated across India and the world in myriad ways
To praise the goddesses and their glory.
This is their story!

7 dream jobs and how to find them by Chandan Deshmukh
7 dream jobs and how to find them || Chandan Deshmukh


7 Dream Jobs and How to Find Them

By Chandan Deshmukh

On an average, 11 hours a day for the rest of your life, you’ll either be working or traveling to your workplace. Now imagine being stuck in the wrong job! A study says that 80 percent of Indians are unhappy with their jobs. Then how can we find a job that makes us happy? Is there a formula we can use to find our dream job?

Go on a journey with national best-selling author Chandan Deshmukh as he guides you through the various opportunities, challenges, and turning points of any career and most of all, finding a job that makes you happy.


Amma, Take Me to The Golden Temple by Bhakti Mathur
Amma, Take Me to The Golden Temple || Bhakti Mathur

Amma, Take Me to The Golden Temple

by Bhakti Mathur

Join Amma and her children as they travel to the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar. Take a tour through the wonderful sights, sounds, and history of Darbar Sahib. Hear stories about the Sikh gurus. Visit Darshani Deori and Akal Takht.

Savour a drink from the sacred waters at Har Ki Pauri and the langar from the world’s biggest kitchen! Learn Guru Nanak’s eternal message of equality, love, and service. Told through interesting stories with captivating illustrations, this new series introduces listeners to the history of different faiths and their associated monuments.


Amma, Take me to Shirdi by Bhakti Mathur
Amma, Take me to Shirdi || Bhakti Mathur


Amma, Take Me to Shirdi

By Bhakti Mathur

Join Amma and her boys as they travel to Shirdi, home to one of India’s most celebrated saints – Sai Baba. Hear the story of one of the most loved and revered mystics. Walk around the neem tree that gave him shelter. Relish a few moments in Dwarka Mai, the dilapidated mosque that became his home. Visit Dhuni Mai, the ever-burning fire Sai Baba had lit, and receive his blessings.

Let Amma take you on a journey to witness the life of this unique saint who taught by example, compassion, and kindness, and who, for a century, has been drawing millions of adoring devotees every year. Told through interesting stories with captivating illustrations, this book brings alive an important place of worship in an engaging and non-preachy way.


 Which book are you going to make your kids listen to next?

Jambavana- the wisest bear in the world!

In her latest book, Fantastic Creatures in Mythology, Bulbul Sharma brings to us multiple stories of never-heard-of creatures like Jambavana and Airvata or unknown dimensions of the ones we already know of, like Jatayu and Narasimha.

Here is an excerpt from the book telling the story of Jambavana, the wisest bear in the world!

Fantastic Creatures in Mythology by Bulbul Sharma
Fantastic Creatures in Mythology || Bulbul Sharma


‘When anyone asked Jambavana, the noble king of bears, his age, he would shut his eyes and think. He would smile and then continue, ‘Let’s see . . . I was present when Vamana, one of Lord Vishnu’s avatars, took three rounds of the three worlds in just three giant steps. Ah! I have even seen the golden glory of the blue-skinned Lord Krishna and heard him play his magical flute. Now that I am old, I wait here in this quiet, lonely place to serve Lord Rama.’


Jambavana was blessed from the day he was born, when Lord Brahma had yawned one morning and from his breath, this mighty bear had been created. When the king of bears was young, he was said to have had the strength of ten thousand lions. He was the strongest bear of all. In fact, he had made rounds of the earth at lightning speed several times. But now, hundreds of centuries had passed, and all the great bear did was live quietly in the forest and think about all the wonderful things he had seen in his long, long life.


One day, he looked far out to the seashore and noticed that all the monkeys and bears were running about, making a lot of noise. He knew why they were so agitated. The king of monkeys, Sugriva, in whose army Jambavana once served as a general, had told him that Rama, the prince of Ayodhya, was here looking for his wife, Sita.


Sugriva explained that the demon king of Lanka had kidnapped her and taken her away in his golden chariot. They had heard that she was somewhere in Lanka, but no one really knew where exactly she was being held prisoner. Sugriva had promised Rama that his entire army of monkeys and bears would help him rescue Sita. With folded hands, Hanuman, the cleverest and bravest of all the monkeys, sat at Rama’s feet. He was so keen to serve Lord Rama, but did not know what to do. Everyone gazed at the vast ocean that lay between

them and Ravana’s kingdom. Who could possibly cross this turbulent ocean? Which of them was strong enough to leap hundreds of feet through the air?


The waters were rough; the waves rose as tall as mountains and crashed down with a thunderous, deafening sound. Everyone gathered there knew that rakshasis guarded this ocean, and so, no one had been able to muster the courage to cross it until now. As the monkeys racked their brains, their leader Angada asked, ‘Which one of you brave monkeys will leap across the ocean, find Sita and bring her back?’ At first, there was complete silence and the monkey army did not even move. Then a few well-built monkeys stepped forward. They bowed their heads and one of them said, ‘We can jump very high, sir, and even though we are not really sure if we can cross this ocean, we are willing to try. We do not mind dying in the attempt. We want to serve Lord Rama and be loyal soldiers to our noble king.’ Meanwhile, Hanuman stood back quietly, looking out at the ocean. All he could see was an endless expanse of water and no land beyond it. Lanka seemed

like a dream! How could any ordinary monkey cross this ocean? It was an impossible task.


Whoever tried to leap across would just drown and never be found again. Hanuman sighed. His eyes filled with tears as he whispered to himself, ‘If only I could do something

to help rescue Ma Sita.’ All of a sudden, the noble king of bears, Jambavana, appeared and stood next to him. ‘Why do you stand here alone, Hanuman, with such sadness in your eyes?’ he asked in his deep voice. ‘I want to cross this ocean and find Ma Sita.

I want to serve my Lord Rama, but I don’t know how to. How can one leap across these unsafe waters? Look at those monstrous waves rising and falling like mad elephants on the run. How will I get across this cruel sea? Nobody can.’ Hanuman sighed, his eyes full

of regret.


Jambavana turned and looked at Hanuman. He took a deep breath, patted his back and said, ‘Listen to me, my son. Listen to me very carefully. I have lived a long life and I have seen things that you are not even aware of. Today, I am going to tell you something important.’ Hanuman lifted his head and looked at Jambavana.


With a solemn expression, the old bear said, ‘Hanuman, you are not aware of your great strength because of a curse cast upon you by an angry sage many years ago, when you were young. This curse made you forget everything. ‘You know that your mother, Anjana, was an apsara from the heavens, and your father, Vayu, was the god of wind. But have you forgotten that as a child you stole the very sun because you thought it was a ripe red fruit and you wanted to taste it?’ Jambavana’s eyes crinkled as he smiled.


He continued, ‘Do you know the great Lord Indra threw his thunderbolt at you, but your father saved you? Furious at Indra, he stopped the winds from blowing. Soon, every living creature on Earth gasped for breath, and finally, when Indra asked Vayu for forgiveness, he blessed you with eternal life. Brahma gave you a boon too and made you invincible. With Varuna’s blessing, water cannot harm you. With Agni’s boon, fi re cannot burn you. And your father, Vayu, made you faster than the wind!’

Hanuman looked at the wise bear with astonished eyes.


Jambavana slowly nodded and patted Hanuman. ‘Look within your heart, son of Vayu, and you will find that you are not an ordinary monkey but a unique creature with more strength, wisdom and courage than anyone of your kind. I am as old as the ancient hills and I have seen a number of great warriors, but you, Hanuman, will be the greatest

amongst them.’


As Hanuman heard the old bear speak, something stirred his mind, something he had long forgotten. Jambavana’s words were like magic, and they seemed to take him to a faraway place where he was once a monkey with amazing power and strength. Hanuman could feel himself changing! Fresh blood raced in his veins and his eyes sparkled with a new-found energy. He could feel his arms and legs becoming stronger.’


What do you think happens next in this story? Was Hanuman able to cross the waters and get to Lanka?


Read more of such interesting stories in Bulbul Sharma’s Fantastical Creatures of Mythology.

Ode to an Indian childhood’s favourite friend, Subhadra Sen Gupta

Covid might have taken away one of our most beloved authors, Subhadra Sen Gupta this year, but when schools reopen and children are back to their libraries, we could meet her again. In every children’s library in India, there’ll always be a corner that would sound like the shrieky excitement and the giggly wonder of kids and it would forever belong to the writer who said she wrote stories for the best readers in the world – children.


Since decades now, she is one of the ‘most issued’ authors in our school libraries along with J.K. Rowling and Roald Dahl. Her books were the first few that introduced children of India to literature that was based in the environment they belonged to. Her characters had names like ours, lived in cities like ours and had a life that we could relate to, unlike the western culture that had been dominating children’s and adult literature in India. Most importantly, Sen Gupta made history interesting for so many of us!


She took us through historical times with stories of unknown and unsung characters like a young maid of a princess during the Mauryan period or a dhobi who learnt to sing from Tansen under the reign of Akbar. The author introduced a literary culture that revolutionized writing in the day! Inculcating the thought that every story matters, whether it is the tale of a king or a pawn, interweaving genres together so children can learn about history through interactive storytelling or to make the habit of reading genuinely fun- Sen Gupta did it all!


While some of her most recounted stories are The Story of the World’s Worst Cook, Goodbye Pasha Begum and Mystery of the House of Pigeons, she went on to do something quite remarkable and extraordinary. She wrote The Constitution of India for Children and created a handbook in a fun and digestible format, explaining the most important document of our nation and even addressed issues like the participation of women in the drafting of the constitution.


Unfortunately, the literary icon passed away in May of this year due to Covid-19, at the age of 68, with probably more interesting stories and books inside her, waiting to be inked on paper.

However, we do have one last gift from her to the world and we’d love to share it with you! Told through the portraits of children growing up in the villages, towns and courts of our country, Let’s Go Time Travelling Again is Subhadra Sen Gupta’s sequel to the series and a vivid glimpse into our past.


Let’s Go Time Travelling Again || Subhadra Sen Gupta

How did Indian mulmuls make it into Cleopatra’s wardrobe? Who popularized the Mahabharata in households across the country? Did our ancestors really identify Jupiter and Saturn without even a telescope?

Find the answers to these and many other unusual questions about the India of yesterday. Go time travelling through the alleys of history and explore the many occupations that have existed through time – from dancers and playwrights to farmers and doctors. Sift through snapshots of the rich life led by ordinary Indians and discover unexpected titbits about language, food and culture.

This last book by our beloved author is replete with fascinating stories, information, and trivia about our ancient civilizations, kingdoms, and people.


7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Alice in Wonderland

Today, on the birthday of one of the greatest writers of all time, Lewis Carroll, we bring to you some facts you might not have heard of the book that gave him legendary status.
Alice in Wonderland came out in 1865 and was an instant success. The book is widely credited with changing the landscape of children’s literature, adding nonsensical fun to what had been a genre obsessed with moralizing.
1. The illustrator and the first edition.2Prominent English illustrator John Tenniel was commissioned to create the accompanying art for the story. When he saw an early copy of the book, Tenniel was upset with how badly his drawings had been reproduced forcing Carroll to spend almost half of his annual salary to get it reprinted. Luckily, once it was published, Alice in Wonderland was an instant success. The rejected printings were later sold in the U.S.
2. The real Alice.1Alice was the name of the daughter of Henry Liddell, the dean of Christ Church College at Oxford, where Carroll taught mathematics. Carroll met the dean and Alice’s older brother first and that was how he came to know the entire family.
3. Alice’s Hour in Elfland.3Carroll was inspired to write the story when he was coming up with a story for the young Alice Liddell on a boating trip. He tried out a few different titles for his novel, the original – presented to the 10-year-old Liddell was ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground.’ When it was picked up he decided to call it Alice’s Hour in Elfland. Another rejected idea was ‘Alice Among the Fairies’.
4. Carroll and the newfangled mathematical theories.7Carroll was a very conservative mathematician and he detested the new forms of math emerging at the time compared to the algebra and Euclidian geometry he favoured. Mathematicians say that riddles like the one the Mad Hatter asks Alice about a raven being like a writing desk, were a reflection on the increasing abstraction that was going on in mathematics in the mid-1800s.
5. The original manuscript.4The original manuscript – the hand-written and illustrated version, belongs to the British Library and it rarely leaves London. When New York City’s Morgan Library managed to get hold of it for an exhibition, here’s what The New York Times had to say about it:
[I]t is accompanied by security measures whose details are cloaked in obfuscation befitting Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Jamie Andrews, the head of cultural engagement for the British Library, said that it was not checked on the flight over (‘We don’t freight things like that’), but he would not say exactly where it was on the plane or who exactly was with it
 It did cause a minor stir at the airport. “I showed the customs form to the customs guy at J. F. K.,” Mr. Andrews said. The man looked at the declared value of the manuscript, a number Mr. Andrews would not divulge. “And he said, ‘Jeez, son, what have you got in there, the crown jewels?’ And in a sense it is our crown jewels.”
6. Alice and brand licensing.5Carroll was one of the first authors to work with manufacturers to bring out related products. This is one of the main reasons why Alice’s tale is so popular, even amongst people who haven’t read it. He understood the importance of tie-ins, designed a postage stamp case decorated with images of Alice and allowed her image to adorn cookie tins and other products.
For fans eager to learn more about the origins of Alice’s tale, he produced a facsimile of the original manuscript, a rare move for an author of his day. Later, he even created a shorter version of the book for toddlers.
7. Alice in Wonderland has never been out of print…6..It has also been translated into 176 languages. The sequel, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, sold out within seven weeks of its publication.


The popularity of Alice in Wonderland, even after more than 150 years, reminds us that Lewis Carroll’s magnum opus has passed the test of time. We hope these facts serve to make you admire him more.

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