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What does a City Ravaged by War Look Like?

Everyday hearing the news makes war seem like a very real possibility.  But do we really know what happens to a city when it is hit by war?
In Exit West – a heartrending story of love in the time of a refugee crisis – Mohsin Hamid paints a searing picture of a city torn by war and the destruction that the people go through.
Here are some of heartbreaking  moments from Mohsin Hamid’s new novel.
Do you, too, have a war-time experience to share? Share with us!

10 Delightful Quotes that will Dazzle Your Day

“I’d rather people read my book twice than only half-way through,” Mohsin Hamid replied once when asked about his compelling and minimalist prose. It’s this splendid literary ambition that seals the position of Mohsin Hamid among the most brilliant writers of our time.
Here are ten exemplary quotes from his books that will leave you awe-struck!
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Dazzled for the day? Grab your copy of Mohsin Hamid’s latest novel – Exit West – here and soak in the magic of his storytelling.

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