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6 Things You Didn’t Know About How India Became Democratic

Ornit Shani is senior lecturer at the Department of Asian Studies, University of Haifa. She received her PhD from the University of Cambridge. Her new book How India Became Democratic: Citizenship and the Making of the Universal Franchise tells the untold story of the preparation of the electoral roll on the basis of universal adult franchise in the world’s largest democracy.
Here are a few interesting facts from the book we bet you didn’t know.
The Impediment of the Bureaucratic Colonial Imagination

Registering Partition Refugees

Universal Franchise connected the Indian people to the idea of a nation

The birth of the electoral roll during the mayhem of Partition

Disciplining the Federal structure

The Limits of Inclusion

How many facts did you know already?

Things You Should Know About Namita Gokhale

Namita Gokhale is a writer, publisher, founder and co- director of the Jaipur Literature Festival. In her illustrious literary career, she has written sixteen titles in both fiction and non-fiction genres. Her recent novel, Double Bill: Priya and Paro is the combination of two novels coming together in one classic volume, taking the liberated, brazen and all-too human Paro and her natural counterpart, the more timorous Priya, to new readers and old.

Here are five things you should know about the author.

How many of these did you know about the author?

6 Important Milestones of the India-China Relationship

Frédéric Grare in India Turns East reflects on India’s ‘Look East’ policy. The policy was initially aimed at reconnecting India with Asia’s economic globalization. However, as China moved to gain an assertive position, India’s policy has evolved into a comprehensive strategy with political and military dimensions.
Grare also throws light on India’s long and difficult journey to reclaim its status in a rapidly changing Asian environment increasingly shaped by the US–China rivalry and the uncertainties of US commitment to Asia’s security. 
Here are 6 milestones that define the India-China relationship.

Tell us which aspect of the relationship between India and China astonish you the most.

8 facts on Perumal Murugan You Didn’t Know About

Perumal Murugan is no stranger in the world of Tamil literature. His works have not only garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success but also have been translated in many languages.
Here are a few things you did not know about the author.

How many of these facts did you already know?

9 Amazing Facts On Bilal Siddiqi You Should Know

Bilal Siddiqi, a shining star among the young authors has authored three novels till date and is embarking on his fourth.
Siddiqi is a fan of the world of espionage and thriller. Currently, Siddiqi is working as a screenwriter for Red Chillies Entertainment headed by Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan.
His new novel The Stardust Affair will transport you into an adrenaline-filled world of danger and deceit.
Here are some facts about the intrepid author.
His first novel was called The Bard of Blood

Personal interest evoked his instincts to pick up the pen



B-town’s creative child

Siddiqi, the magician with a pen

We hope to see the magic on the big screen soon

Like master, like protege

How many of these facts did you know about?

10 Things You Should Know About Akash Verma

Akash Verma is a man of many talents. Not only is he a bestselling author but also an established entrepreneur. His profile lists him as the co-founder of two start-up companies before which he had also dabbled various roles in major corporations like Coca-Cola, Big FM and Red FM.
Akash is back with his fourth novel, You Never Know: Sometimes Love Can Drag You Through Hell…, a romance thriller which will keep you at the edge of your seat till the last page.
Here are a few things facts about the bestselling author.
Early beginnings!
You Never Know Blog Creative 1.png
Master of many talents
You Never Know Blog Creative 2 (1).png
You Never Know Blog Creative 3.png
It’s all in the genes.
You Never Know Blog Creative 4.png
You Never Know Blog Creative 5 (2).png
Quite a quirk that is…
You Never Know Blog Creative 6 (2).png
The next time you want some gossip about the tinsel town, you know whom to turn to.
You Never Know Blog Creative 8.png
You Never Know Blog Creative 9.png
You Never Know Blog Creative 10.png
How many of these facts did you already know about the author?
You Never Know Blog Creative Footer.png

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sudeep Nagarkar

Sudeep Nagarkar is the author of eight bestselling novels, including She Swiped Right Into My Heart, It Started With A Friend Request, and All Rights Reserved For You. He is the recipient of the 2013 Youth Achievers’ Award and has been featured on the Forbes India longlist of the most influential celebrities. He also writes for television and has given guest lectures in various renowned institutes and organizations.
His latest novel, Our Story Needs No Filter is set in a socio-political milieu amidst a college campus and explores the dark side of relationships, the pursuit of power and the hypocrisy of the powerful.
Here are 8 little-known things about the bestselling author.
And as they say, the rest is history
Now you know why the stories are so relatable
All Rights Reserved For You_Blog creative_5.png
More time means more books = Yay!
All Rights Reserved For You_Blog creative_3.png
All Rights Reserved For You_Blog creative_1.png
That’s how he chills!
All Rights Reserved For You_Blog creative_2.png
That’s the secret behind those catchy titles!
All Rights Reserved For You_Blog creative_6.png
All Rights Reserved For You_Blog creative_4.png
How many of these facts did you know about Sudeep Nagarkar? Get to know more about his new book, The Secrets We Keep here !

Demystifying Faiz Ahmed Faiz- 6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Poet

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is one of the greatest Urdu poets of the twentieth century. He is loved and remembered for his revolutionary verses, his delicate subtlety, and his soulful poems of love.
The Colours of My Heart, translated by Baran Farooqi, celebrates some of Faiz’s greatest works. It also includes an illuminating introduction to Faiz’s enchanting life and legacy.
Here are 6 little known things about the poet who continues to inspire us:
He studied philosophy and English literature in Lahore and finished an M.A. in Arabic.
1 (1).png
Naqsh-e-Fariyaadi (The supplicant’s portrait), his first collection of poems, was published in 1941. All his collections are small, and even they contain some unfinished poems.
He was even deprived of writing material during the period of his imprisonment. His poems were smuggled out of prison or sent out with his letters and circulated widely.
3 (1).png
The poem expresses disappointment on two levels: The Partition and the carnage that accompanied it.
Faiz was also active in the trade union movement. In 1951, he also became the vice president of the Trade Union Congress, the labour wing of the Communist Party of Pakistan.
Faiz marked this recognition as a humbling experience.
6 (2).png
So, which is your favourite Faiz poem?
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Vikrant Khanna

Vikrant Khanna is the best-selling author of When Life Tricked Me, Love Lasts Forever, Secretly Yours, and The Girl Who Knew Too Much.
His latest novel, The Girl Who Knew Too Much is an edge-of-the-seat paranormal romance. It tells the story of a 14-year-old girl Akshara who hears about the miraculous reunion of a young woman and her dead boyfriend, and believes she will see her dead mother again.
Here are the 5 little known things about the best-selling author:
2 (1).png
3 (3).png
4 (4)
How many of these facts did you know about Vikrant Khanna?

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Mohammad Ali Jinnah is well known as a world leader who rose during the freedom struggle against British colonization. Personally, he was often described as stern or cold and singularly obsessed with his political ambitions, however , there are many unknown facets to him.
Sheela Reddy uncovers some of these in her new book, Mr and Mrs Jinnah:
5 (1).png
4 (1).png
3 (1).png
1 (1).png
Sheela Reddy in her exhaustive account, chronicles the unknown facets of the man known as Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Get your copy here.

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