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Meet Feluda and Other Characters from Satyajit Ray's 'Feluda Omnibus'

Feluda Omnibus (Volume One) is a collection of three thrilling stories on the crafty detective, Feluda, and his loyal sidekick, Topshe. Written by the celebrated writer and filmmaker Satyajit Ray, they are filled to the brim with adventure and intrigue, promising to keep you on your toes until the very end.
In The Emperor’s Ring, Feluda and Topshe are on holiday in Lucknow when a priceless Mughal ring is stolen. While investigating the theft, Feluda finds himself in pursuit of a notorious criminal. In The Golden Fortress, Feluda and Topshe are in Rajasthan with Dr Hajra, a parapsychologist, and Mukul, a young boy who claims to remember his previous life. Their thrilling search for answers leads them to the recurring fortress of Mukul’s dreams, all the while evading dangerous men after the young boy. Finally, in Bandits of Bombay, a frightening murder during a film shoot prompts the detective duo to investigate. In true filmy style, the hair-raising climax takes place aboard a train – can Feluda save the day?
With electrifying escapades traversing the Indian landscape, Feluda Omnibus (Volume One) is a must-have for fans of detective fiction.
Here are some of the main characters from the book that you ought to know:

Feluda is a 27- years-old Bengali private investigator with a sharp mind and knack for deduction. His acute attention to details is what makes him a brilliant private investigator. A man of numerous talents, he is ambidextrous with an eidetic memory. He solves many of his cases through the mere help of his quick-thinking and intelligent reasoning skill. No wonder there is a case awaiting him wherever he goes!

No one knows Feluda like his sidekick and cousin, Topshe. Despite being just 14-years-old, he is a quick learner who assists Feluda in solving even the most bizarre of cases. He is a bright assistant and apprentice to Feluda, and looks up to his brainy cousin. Earnest and insightful in his own regard, he proves to be indispensable to Feluda.
 Dr Srivastava

 Dr Srivastava is an osteopath who lives in Lucknow. He knows a little bit of Bengali and is a well-read man. As a successful doctor, he makes a decent living, sometimes indulging in a bit of ostentation regarding his wealth. However, he does not bear any ill will to anyone and proves to be a crucial character in The Emperor’s Ring as the narrative progresses.
Bonobihari Babu
 A businessperson originally from Bengal, Bonobihari Babu comes from a long line of zamindars. After they lost their land, he turned to the business of exporting animals. Given the high demand of Indian animals for purposes like zoos, circuses, and television, he did well for himself. Bonobihari Babu is now retired in Lucknow and he is a pivotal character in The Emperor’s Ring.

In The Golden Fortress, Mukul is an eight-year-old young boy who comes to be known as a jatismar – someone who can recall his previous life. Plagued by flashes from his past life, his claims alarm his parents who seek help from a parapsychologist. When Mukul’s life is in grave danger, his parents engage the services of Feluda for the protection of their son.
 Dr Hemanga Hajra

Dr Hemanga Hajra is a parapsychologist, a specialist in psychic phenomena. He is highly educated, with many of his articles published in journals. He offers to help Mukul in his ordeal to find out more about his previous life. On the premise of conducting research regarding the case, Hajra takes Mukul to Rajasthan to find the Golden Fortress.
 Lalmohan Ganguly, better known as Jatayu, is a published writer of Bengali crime thrillers. He is a good acquaintance of Feluda who occasionally helps him with his stories.  When one of his stories set to be adapted into a film, Jatayu is elated and journeys with Feluda and Topshe to Bombay.

Traversing fascinating landscapes and electrifying escapades, this collection is an absolute classic and a must-have for fans of detective fiction.

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