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6 Fascinating Political Strategy Pointers from a Gujarati Classic

K.M. Munshi was one of Gujarat’s most well-known literary writers. Munshi’s Glory of Patan, the first book in the epic trilogy is a landmark and bestselling classic in Gujarat. A mix of romance and politics, this fast-paced saga  is sure to delight readers of historical fiction.
Here are six fascinating points of political strategy from the K. M. Munshi’s masterpiece.
Honour Comes First
The Glory of Patan Blog 01
One Kingdom, One Rule
The Glory of Patan Blog 02
Where Expediency Matters
The Glory of Patan Blog 03
Winning is Everything
The Glory of Patan Blog 04
Measured Tactics, Calculated Risks
The Glory of Patan Blog 05
Religion’s Nemesis
The Glory of Patan Blog 06
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