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A Trip Down Memory Lane: 6 Classics to Relive Your Childhood

Some of our most unforgettable books were the ones we read in our childhood.  Perhaps it was our unfettered imaginations, or the ease with which we learned things, or perhaps that pure, creative mind that absorbed all stories and made those books memorable throughout our lives.
And now, more than ever, in our chaotic lives, is a good time to return to our glorious reading memories
Here are six classics that will take you on a trip down memory lane!
The Wizard of Oz
When a terrifying tornado crashes through Kansas, Dorothy, a little girl from a neighbourhood, is whisked away with her dog to the magical land of Oz. She thinks she’s lost forever and that’s when she embarks on an enchanting adventure.
wiz of oz.jpg
Malgudi Days
The fun that Swami and his friends have in the sleepy little town of Malgudi made Malgudi not just a place but an emotion. It meant hopping on a joyride and getting off at the Malgudi Railway Station, to enjoy a fascinating world.
malgudi days
Sherlock Holmes
How can we forget our beloved detective who possesses unique powers of deduction and sets about inspecting complex cases, wearing his famous hat and smoking his pipe? We can’t help but tag along, as Sherlock Holmes conducts thrilling investigations, be it the foggy streets of Victorian London or the beautiful English countryside.
The Jungle Book
A heart-warming story of a friendship between a boy man and the jungle, The Jungle Book tells a story of a ‘man-cub’ being saved from the jaws of an evil tiger and adopted by a pack of wolves. As Mowgli grows, our excitement grows with him and his escapades in the Seeonee jungle.
Around the World in Eighty Days
The candidate: A daring traveller. The challenge: To travel across the world in just eighty days!
As the race against the clock begins, we are taken on a thrilling trip through exotic lands and dangerous places. Sometimes aboard a train, sometimes riding an elephant, it’s an exciting hustle to win the bet.
A charming story of the love for a place and for one’s grandparents, in this classic we are mesmerised by the joys experienced by Heidi, living in the Alps with her grandfather. When her strict aunt sends her away to the city, Heidi yearns to return to the happiness of life with her grandfather.
Is there a memory of a book you would like to share? Do you have a beloved classic that you would want to talk about? Tell us – we would LOVE to know!

5 Books You Should Read This Spring

Spring is the best season of all. With the flora at full bloom, you just want to stop and admire the beautiful scenes. Not only does spring signify beauty but it also signifies transition. So, what better way to enjoy the season than reading outdoors while basking in the sunlight.
Here’s a list of 5 books you should read this spring:
Anne of Green Gables
Mathew and Mariila Cuthbert were expecting a boy to show up from the orphanage. Little did they know, they will have the dreamy, talkative Anne to take care of their Green Gables. The descriptions of sights of Avonlea and Green Gables are so vivid that it makes you fall in love with nature even more.
Image result for anne of green gables book cover
Leaves of Grass
Strewn with vivid description of nature, Walt Whitman in this poetry collection professes his love for the universal elements, flora and the fauna. After reading the poems, we also cannot help but awe at the marvels of nature.
Image result for leaves of grass penguin
This little girl was sent to live with her grandfather in the mountains. With each passing day, she grew to be fonder of the scenic beauty. But when she was sent to live in the city, even Clara’s friendship couldn’t make her miss the mountains any less. Honestly, even we wouldn’t have coped to live in the city after living amidst such beauty.
Image result for heidi penguin
Catcher in the Rye
The protagonist of this story is standing at the brink of adulthood and is yet apprehensive to make the transition. He wants to own a rye field at the edge of a cliff where thousands of children play. He would then catch them if they come close to falling from the cliff. He just wants to be a savior of innocence when he is in the process of losing his.
Image result for catcher in the rye penguin
The Room on the Roof
In a sleepy town of Dehradun, our boy Rusty flees from his house to live with his friends. Enamored by the beauty of his town, Indian customs, festivals and foods. He understands that his life will not be as hunky dory as he thought but he still does not give up on his pursuit of a happier life.
Image result for the room on the roof penguin
Can you think of any more books that depict change and nature’s beauty with equal panache? Tell us.

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