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Oh No! There’s Just One Tub of Popcorn for Nicky and Noni!: ‘Sharing is Cool’ — An Excerpt

Sonia Mehta’s super cool twins, Nicky and Noni, are in some trouble again! This time over sharing a tub of popcorn.
From her newest series — My Book of Values, Sonia Mehta explores how totally cool it is to instill and nurture some important values in children from an early age. While value education classes might be preachy, boring even, Sonia Mehta’s books make it fun for one and all, especially for your little one.
In Sharing is Cool, Sonia Mehta lets Nicky and Noni show us why indeed it is cool to share. How? Let’s find out!

That fight over the popcorn seems far from over! Do you think Nicky and Noni make peace finally? Grab a copy for your child today and find out!

There’s a New Boy In Nicky and Noni’s Class! Do They Become Friends? — ‘Being a Good Friend Is Cool’: An Excerpt

In Sonia Mehta’s Being a Good Friend Is Cool from her new series of books — My Book of Values, the author talks about the cool value of being a good friend.
Nicky and Noni have a new boy in class, but Nicky seems to be doing something wrong. What is it? Let’s find out!

What do Nicky and Noni do next? Do they become friends with Jojo? Grab a copy of Being a Good Friend is Cool to find out!

What Do Nicky and Noni Do When They Visit Their Grandparents?: ‘It’s Cool to Respect Others’ — An Excerpt

In Sonia Mehta’s It’s Cool to Respect Others from her new series of books — My Book of Values, the author reminds us as to why having some values in life is totally cool!
Nicky and Noni do not seem to be too enthusiastic about visiting their grandparents. Why? What uncool things do they do which no one approves of? Let’s find out!
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7 (2).png
Do Nicky and Noni realise their mistake? Find out with It’s Cool to Respect Others!
Respecting-Others-is-Cool---Blog-Footer (1).png

It’s Nicky and Noni’s Birthday! But Why Aren’t They Happy?: ‘Being Grateful is Cool’ — An Excerpt

Sonia Mehta’s new series of books for children — My Book of Values, explores why having values is not just important, but totally cool!
In Being Grateful is Cool, the author shows us why it’s essential to learn the meaning of gratefulness and acknowledge the kindness of others.
But on Nicky and Noni’s birthday, something seems to be amiss…is it gratefulness? Let’s find out!
Being-Grateful-is-Cool---Blog-Creative--4.jpgDo Nicky and Noni learn how cool it is to be grateful? Find out with Being Grateful is Cool today!

Nicky and Noni, It’s Not Cool To Lie: ‘Being Honest is Cool’ — An Excerpt

Author Sonia Mehta’s new series of books for children — My Book of Values, is all you need to make a preachy value education lesson fun for your child!
Being Honest is Cool not only shows us why it’s important to be honest, but also that honesty is a totally cool thing to cherish!
But we all must be allowed a mistake or two before we know what’s cool and what’s not. Do you think Nicky and Noni can figure a way out?
Being-Honest-is-Cool---Blog-Creative-2 (1)
Being-Honest-is-Cool---Blog-Creative-3 (1)
Being-Honest-is-Cool---Blog-Creative-4 (1)
Being-Honest-is-Cool---Blog-Creative-5 (1)
Find out what Nicky and Noni do next with Sonia Mehta’s Being Honest is Cool!

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