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Fun, bright and excellent new stories to keep the young hearts warm!

It’s Decembrrrr, but we have wonderful new reads for you that will keep you warm through the chilly days. Welcome to a new month of amazing stories and illustrations that will keep you engrossed!



front cover Of Revolutionaries and Bravehearts
Of Revolutionaries and Bravehearts||Mallika Ravikumar


Of Revolutionaries and Bravehearts: Notable Tales from Indian History

by Mallika Ravikumar

History is often narrated as sagas of kings and queens, legends of battles and wars, or chronicles of art and architecture. But history is more than that. It is the story of ordinary people; their food and language, their thoughts and beliefs, their livelihood and culture. Tales of sweepers and sculptors, robbers and merchants, sailors and saint-why, even pirates!

In this book, Mallika Ravikumar pens eight historical stories that help you look upon the past, as less of a dry-as-bone set of facts, and more of a dynamic shift that shapes our present. Told through the lens of class and conflict, symbols and language, creativity and enterprise and power and perspective, these stories help younger readers see why history is relevant and meaningful.


front cover the chirmi chasers
The Chirmi Chasers||Arefa Tehsin



The Chirmi Chasers

by Arefa Tehsin

A sitola match between two rival schools is more than a game for Nanka-if they lose, he and his father have to leave town! Can Nanka and his unlikely teammates do it? Arefa Tehsin’s book is a classic underdog story featuring a ragtag group of friends fighting against prejudice.





front cover The Clockwala's Clues
The Clockwala’s Clues||Varsha Seshan



The Clockwala’s Clues

by Varsha Seshan


Jasmine and Sheba want to spend the holidays finding homes for stray puppies. But to do so, they have to first solve a series of puzzles set by Sheba’s father, Clockwala Uncle. Can they do this in time?




front cover Chumki and The Elephants
Chumki and The Elephants||Lesley D. Biswas



Chumki And The Elephants

by Lesley D. Biswas


Dadi forgets everything, including Chumki’s name. When elephants escape from a nearby reserve, can it be a blessing in disguise and help Dadi remember? A fun story about a young girl, her forgetful grandmother and elephants, Chumki And The Elephants is a perfect read for young readers who are progressing from picture books!








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