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5 Close Parallels Between Mahatma Gandhi and His ‘Brother in Spirit’

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, born in the Charsadda valley in the Pakhtun heartland, believed in the non-violent core of Islam. He sought to dissuade his people, the Pathans of the North-West Frontier Province, from adopting violent means for a separate Pakhtun land.
Rajmohan Gandhi’s biography — Ghaffar Khan: Non-Violent Badshah of the Pakhtuns, takes a discerning look into the larger than life trajectory of Badshah Khan’s life, drawing close parallels with the life of Mahatma Gandhi.
Here are five instances when Ghaffar Khan’s actions reminded one of Mahatma Gandhi.
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Ghaffar Khan 02.jpg
Ghaffar Khan 03 (1).jpg
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Ghaffar Khan 05.jpg
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