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Encouragement that Made Rudyard Kipling the Writer he was

In the cultural hub of 1880s’ Lahore Kay Robinson has taken over as editor of the Civil and Military Gazette. Assisting him is the young and impressionable Rudyard Kipling, a lonely, impulsive man who dreams of becoming a writer. Kipling’s literary pursuits have been dismissed as fanciful and foolish by his previous boss.
But Robinson is different. He encourages the young ‘Ruddy’, allowing him greater creative freedom at the Gazette. As he becomes Ruddy’s friend and confidant, Robinson gains access to intimate glimpses of the Kipling family, where he is smitten by Ruddy’s sister Trix.
Here are some quotes where Robinson encourages and recognizes Ruddy’s talent in Lahore, taken from Sudhir Kakar’s fictional biography, titled The Kipling File.
Early showcase of Ruddy’s talent: 
“And yes, we did make Civil and Military Gazette sparkle, chiefly by writing the greater part of the paper ourselves. Given my admiration for his talent, I gave Ruddy more space in the paper, a decision I never regretted for a minute… Where Ruddy really flowered, and made the paper hum, was in the weekly feature of a 2500-word column… I remain proud that this CMG column was the very first publication to showcase Ruddy as a writer of short stories.”
Reporting skills: 
During the course of the following year, I came to admire Ruddy’s enormous gift as a reporter… this impression was reinforced by the stories about India and the Anglo-Indians that he began to churn out with regularity for the CMG —sotries in which his protagonists’ encounter with the country was not one of unreflective dismissal or instinctive recoil but of more nuanced rejection.”
Writing as a healing process 
Ruddy: “It was the last week in July when Wheeler sent me here to report on the collapse of the roof… Three boys had been killed. Seeing their mangled limbs and crushed faces made me violently sick… There was a darkness into which my soul descended—a horror of desolation, abandonment.”
Kay: “Write about it, Ruddy; it will help.”

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5 Badass Mothers in Literature

To call mothers a superhero will be an understatement (we are pretty sure they wear an invisible cape). Just like our real-life moms, mothers in literature also pull of some great tasks with breathtaking ease. Whether they are trying to protect the protagonists or just do a great job at raising them, we can’t help but look up to them.
So, here are five badass mothers:
Hester Prynne, The Scarlet Letter
Hester Prynne, in 17th century, did what other ladies in that era couldn’t even imagine doing i.e. live an independent life while raising a child on her own. Even though punished by her Puritan neighbours, she refuses to give out the names of her lover and their daughter. Deemed as an outcast then, she’d be considered a heroine today, like many of our moms.
Raksha, The Jungle Book

She is the fiercest mother we know. She cared for Mowgli as much as she did for her cubs. When Shere Khan threatened the pack to give up Mowgli, she proclaimed as his protector. Foster or not, a mother is a mother.
Mariam, A Flight of Pigeons
Flight of Pigeons
Mariam is an indomitable lady with a charm. Despite being at Javed Khan’s house in the times of turmoil, she refuses his proposition to marry her daughter Ruth. She does not give into the adversity of her circumstances but takes a chance with faith, saving her daughter’s life in the end.
Rosa Hubermann, The Book Thief

Rosa Hubermann is Liesel’s foster mother who has a “wardrobe build”, sharp tongue and a no-nonsense attitude. She does laundry for the wealthier households to help her family financially. She also never got fazed by anybody, not even Nazis during World War II. She is a mom who uses cuss words to show affection.
Marmee, Little Women

Runs the household by herself, raises four daughters, becomes their counsellor and role model, Marmee did it all. She also teaches them and nurtures them to become strong, inspirational women while keeping each of them true to their individuality. If Marmee isn’t a badass mother, we don’t know who is.
Do you know any more names that should be on this list? Tell us.

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