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8 Things Every Maggi-Lover Should Know About Maggi's Journey to India

Maggi’s Journey to India: It Wasn’t so Easy!
The introduction of Maggi Noodles in India arose with the presentation of a simple argument: If Nestle Malaysia could sell tons of a product, what was holding back the Indians?
But to introduce such a product into Indian markets came with its own challenges. Maggi marked the beginning of snack foods in our country. It shifted the orbit. Noodles went from being alien to becoming an essential food to be stocked at home, taken on a trek, cooked by kids. They became almost a default option for satisfying the hunger pangs of both young and old.
Here are eight things you must know about your favorite Noodle’s journey to India:
1. The license raj was in operation, making India a relatively closed economy

2. Introducing Maggi in India meant creating a new food category that did not exist in India

3. One product; one country; multiple food habits and patterns

4. Where would Maggi fit in among the ‘serious’ and ‘traditional’ meals?

5. Target audience was children-but who would ‘buy’ the product? Children can’t cook!

6. The Answer? Maggi =a quick fix for a child’s hunger

7. Making the new concept appealing to children

8. Image on the packaging of the product: that showed vegetables in the Maggi


Quotes to Live By if you’re on your way to Success

How do you establish your brand to become one of the most beloved and enduring in the country?
 In her book, The Two-Minute Revolution, Sangeeta Talwar tells you just that. She was the first woman executive in the FMCG industry, which established one of our favorite brands: Maggi Noodles!
From her book, we extracted some quotes that you must take a look at, especially if you’re on your way to building an extraordinary brand!

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