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3 Times Perumal Murugan Showed Us How Different Yet Similar Cities and Villages are

Celebrated Tamil scholar and writer, Perumal Murugan, was born in a family of farmers.. Murugan’s Current Show and Seasons of the Palm, translated to English from the Tamil originals, are set against the backdrops of a city and a village respectively. Drawing from his personal experiences, the writer draws striking contrasts between life in a city and life in the countryside.
Here are 3 times Perumal Murugan showed us how cities and villages are nothing but the two sides of the same coin.
When he showed us how different the experience of going to the theatre is in a city and a village.
Current Show Blog 3.png
Current Show Blog 4.png
When he showed us how shops in a city were not the same as shops in a village.
Current Show Blog 5.png
Current Show Blog 6.png
When his stories showed us the contrast in how the divine is evoked in the inhabitants of a city and a village.
Current Show Blog 7.png
Current Show Blog 8.png
As Murugan takes us through the concrete jungles of the city and the dusty lanes of the village, tell us how you’ve experience the rural and urban differently.

5 Books To Gift Your Dad This Father’s Day

Fathers have been our first superheroes, first teachers, and best friends.
So what do you say to a man who leaves you speechless with his actions and immense love? If you too find it difficult to articulate your feelings in words, here are five books that will do the job for you and will make for the perfect gift this Fathers’ Day:

The Digital Matrix

FDBooks 2.jpgVenkat Venkatraman simplifies industrial and digital companies. It is a management framework that will help you understand the forces that influence your business. If your father is also your best advisor, Digital Matrix will give you the opportunity to discuss the new coming of age business landscape with him and will make for a great gift!

Small-Town Sea

FDBooks 3.jpg
Anees Salim’s book is a tale of a thirteen year old boy who is uprooted from a bustling city and is planted in his father’s home town. Small-Town Sea captures his adventures with a new friend, settling in a new life and once again being unsettled by his father’s death. The book is sharply hilarious and painfully sad, it is everything your father would love to read on a relaxed afternoon.


FDBooks 4.jpg
Zahir Dehlvi’s memoir chronicles the fading glory of the Mughal court and describes the horrifying account of the 1857 revolt. Dastan-e-Ghadar is a compelling read by the poet who lived through the revolt of 1857, known for changing the course of history. Translated in English for the first time, the book is gripping, moving and rich in insight. For a father who is a history buff!

Friend of My Youth

FDBooks 5
A writer in the search of a city he grew up in, and barely knows. Friend of My Youth, is an observation on the power of memory, a brilliant writing expressing the interference of childhood with adult life.  Your first friend, your father will definitely appreciate this tale of friendship and life.

Marching With A Billion

FDBooks 6.png
Do you also enjoy sitting down with your dad and discussing politics? Marching With A Billion, a book that analyses Modi Government’s three year in power is an interesting read about key areas of governance like infrastructure, power, and social sector. Uday Mahurkar gives answers to all such questions about Modi’s test of governance.
So, what is going to be your dad’s Fathers’ Day gift? Tell us.

7 Quotes by Perumal Murugan that Describe a Difficult Childhood

Perumal Murugan’s works provide a poignant commentary on the religious and caste practices prevalent in the society. His stories vividly capture the pain a person from the lower strata of society goes through every day.
His novel Seasons of the Palm, which was shortlisted for the Kiriyama Award, is merciless in its portrayal of the daily humiliations of untouchablility. It also evokes the grace with which the oppressed come to terms with their dark fate. Shorty, the central character of Murugan’s novel is one such young untouchable who is in bondage to a powerful landlord.
Here are a few quotes from the book that will give you a glimpse of Shorty’s hardships:
Being Awakened by a Stinging Whiplash
Seasons of the Palm Blog 1.jpg
When You Can’t Wash Off Your Stink
Seasons of the Palm Blog 7.jpg
Untouchable and Barred from Touching
Seasons of the Palm Blog 2.jpg
When the Bare Necessities Turn into Luxury
Seasons of the Palm Blog 3
A Paid Slave
Seasons of the Palm Blog 4
Seasons of the Palm Blog 5
When Your Days Are Like Empty Bowls
Seasons of the Palm Blog 6
Aren’t they painful yet powerful? Tell us what do you think.
Seasons of the Palm Blog Footer.jpg

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