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7 things you didn’t know about Usha Narayanan

After a gamut of jobs, Usha Narayanan pursued a career in writing. The author of 5 successful novels, Narayanan experiments with various genres, ranging from suspense thriller to light-hearted office romance.
Her new novel Prem Purana is a delightful anthology of three stories of love and devotion.
Here are a few things you should know about the author.

How many of these facts did you know about the author?

Discover the world of the gods and goddesses like you have never before

Celebrated author Usha Narayanan’s new book, Prem Purana, is a chronicle of love, longing, and the unexpected trials and tribulations one takes on in the journey of love. The book explores how even the mightiest of Gods and Goddesses have not remained untouched by love — with Ganesha taking on the challenge to please his wives, Ravana sharing an unbreakable bond with Mandodari, and Nala and Damayanti’s love withstanding the test of time.
Here are a few times the Gods surprised us with their deeds in love.
Myriad of stories

Fable of the mouse

The wonders of charming Gajamukha  

Lord Ganesha’s vast appetite

Bad angel vs good angel

The game of Chaturanga

The story behind the fall

Hamsa, the cupid

Aren’t these facts fascinating?

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